• Hey guys. I'm going through pretty hard time now. I have no clue what to do, where to go...
    I kinda lost feeling to want something from life.
    I'm living for sake of living not for particular reason.

    Don't ask too many questions about it but let's just say there is a reason for me to believe that I have VERY, VERY small chance to get into a relationship with anybody. It's not about how I look.
    Please just try to imagine that there is no chance that you will be ever loved by someone...I mean a partner.
    What would you do with your life?
    I have lots of hobbies, activities a love but it's just doesn't satisfy my soul or my heart.
    I'm more spiritual than material type. I love forests, trees, all living things. I love peace and quiet. I love harmony and positive things although I can't find them these days.
    I lost myself somehow, liie something died in my and it won't come back.
    I'm looking for any ideas, suggestions, possibilities...
    Please share your thoughts.

    Ps: I was thinking of to become a monk but somehow it doesn't feel right so please don't suggest that😁

    Thanks a lot!

  • @zrnki You have no idea, but trust me .... all you can do is to embrace life and take it to it's fullest. There's not much else you can do.
    I'm not asking, but it's doesn't matter if you have health issues, criminal activities, mental demons to appease....
    but there is life out there, you just have to find it. No it ain't great on ya own, but that does not meant you have to do nothing and meet no one.
    It's all part of the test they call life... 😉
    Go out there and get some of it.

  • @agent-peanut I want to live. I want to do something with my life. I want to be useful for others. To do something to make this place a bit better. But I just don't know how. My inner voice is awfully quiet. I'm just trying to find a hint which way to go. It's just not coming.
    Life will always send you the things you need and I just thought that I want to get and advice from a stranger😊

  • @zrnki We all have moments when we don't quite understand what we want or where we actually want to be, which is quite normal for a sane person. I think you are overthinking your life and future without focusing on the present, on where you are right now and what you love about your life in this very moment. Stop thinking about your future too much and if someone will be there to love you. You have to love yourself first, and others will love you too. Why don't you try some new things, which you've never done before? I get bored from time to time too, we all do when we repeat the same activities over and over again. Maybe you can't find positive things around you right now, but you are doing a lot by being positive yourself, which will compensate in the future.

  • @spaceboy thanks.
    We always want things that we can't have. Sadly!

  • @savagelillgirl thank you for your kind words. I'll give it a try.

  • It's easy to forgive others, it's super hard to forgive yourself! If ever.

  • @spaceboy I know that. I have more that I possible deserve. Loving family, friends, work, home.
    But there is a possibility that I'm about to loose it all.
    The worst of all is that I feel like I lost myself.
    Like literary I don't want to be with myself.
    Sounds maybe stupid without an explanation but that's just not possible.
    Thank you anyway for your encouraging words!

  • @what-is-this you nailed it. I want to love myself but I just can't. I want to forgive myself but I don't know how. Every time I look into a mirror I see myself and it's hard to stare for more that a few seconds. I don't mean the visual side. It's the inside.
    I did something, I didn't hurn anybody or anything like that but I despise myself.
    That's probably my problem. I don't like myself. But how to change it?
    People like me a lot but I can't.

  • how old are you right now? maybe you're still young.. try to have a pet. Maybe you can relate with how they feel.. 🙂 At least in pets like dog,cat,fish,birds etc. you can build connections which is indeed vital for you at the moment. I hope it will help. 🙂

    P.S. I once lost too, but now I'm found in God's purpose. 🙂

  • OKAY WoW , Y AM I JUST LIKE THIS....Honestly I'm exactly the same type of person like wOAHH, sometimes I feel weird being myself cuz I feel that very little people actually LIKE to explore nature, I mean its from my experience, Its always nice to be by myself for a while but sometimes you need someone as well, I totally get you
    but this is what I feel that I guess we get worn out from ourselves because we stop doing the little things we like, like I went through a phase of depression, and later on I realise that I stopped collecting flowers, watching sunsets frequently (especially those lilac ones, I'd just look from the window for a second and I'd go back to my room) yes even though they were very small but I loved doing it but I stopped , this literally made me not like myself and it was a very hard time for me, but I guess you have to start small, like just make yourself happy first, its like your a puzzle and removing just a piece of you can make you incomplete (these are the things those little thing like I mentioned above) and seriously hold on to what you believe in, have faith in God, one thing I do is just trust God, these are the things that will make you strong and its all part of God's plan, I know its very tiring and even though it might sound weird but make God your best friend, talk to Him cuz you'll literally start appreciating what you have and it's gonna take you back to being what you were, I went through this and I know what it feels like but don't give up 🙂

  • @spaceboy im off to bed. Thanks a lot. Didn't expect so much support! I WANT to believe you!

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