• Okay so ive like this guy for 2 years!!boiii 2 years!and i used to really really like him because he’s just so genuine and kind funny and everything and he’s just so perfect to me we barely talk bc im shy bc he knows i like him for all those years we dance at dances at school we’re awkwardly around each other but he used to be my classmate in grade 6 but not in grade 7 but i ALWAYS see him at the hallway and at lunch and we always have eye contact and idk why but whenever we do i feel something weird as if we talk through eye contact and i like the feeling idk if he notice that too but yeah i stopped liking him last month and now im confuse if whether i still like him or not bc before i always tell my friends i like him then i dont then i do and then last month i told them i dont anymore and that’s true i dont like him at all anymore but im getting this feeling lately where i often think of him but i stop myself but whenever his name pops on my notif i always get that butterfly in my stomach and i do not want to have feelings for him anymore bc im done within that 2 years that i like him alot of things happened i cried an ocean for him lots of drama and u know and one day i had the courage to ask him online if he likes me or something and he said “”” You are a very kind and beatiful girl and you are lucky to have who ever likes you but I am sadly not one of the people who like you.I am sorry for the news but I hope we can still talk and be friends if that is ok with you”” that’s what he said i was sad but u know i had to accept it but i was kind a mad bc i dont have a reason to actually be mad at him and hate him then stop liking him but that’s when i started to lose feelings for him and i went to the dance at school 2 days after he said he doesnt like me and i was soo fucking sad and he knows that he even ask my friends why i cant get over him he wonders and he told my friends that i had to go to that dance and we dance i was soooo sad i felt like crying while dancing with him and we danced then at the end he hugged me i didnt want to let go at all but ofcourse i had to i felt like fainting that time and ugh yeah when school was over i lost all my feelings for him but lately idk if I actually lost all my feelings for him or if im just saying i dont like him anymore and made
    Myself think i dont like him anymore bc I specifically dont want to have feelings for him it’s like im stuck between what my mind wants and what my heart wants and idek what to do im confuse and i want all my feelings gone b4 school starts please help me idk what to do at alll!!!!:((((and also is this love?

  • @scarlet_15 its not love:white_frowning_face: same thing happened to me in middle school, and i got over it trust move on and dont look back