• Me and this girl have been friends for 8 years now, and since middle school I’ve had the biggest crush on her. Now we are both going to the same high school, and I really want to be the first person she talks to about her day, her shoulder to cry on, and (obviously) her boyfriend. A lot of people who I told my scenario said that I’ll regret it if I don’t tell her how I feel, but it’s terrifying to me. If I’m going to talk to her, what do I say? Should I just tell her how I feel? Should I ask her to hang out?

  • Be cautious when telling her, she might think that you're just her friend because you want to be her boyfriend. Make it obvious that you enjoy her friendship and don't come off too strong, it might scare her off. Is it possible that she sees you as a romantic option after all those years?

  • @t_hollow19
    Yep, how else is she going to know .....
    tell her you dont want to risk your friendship cos thats really valuable to you,
    But, is there any chance she can think of you as closer than a friend...
    go from there ...
    and dont let her see your knees knocking .... hehehehe
    go for it .... she'll probably be flattered

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