• I'm 17. I'm in America. I'm a senior in high school and duel enrolled in the Community college here in NC. I live with my parents and 2 half sisters. I have 2 half brothers. and I'm the oldest. I did have an older brother that was in the army but he passed away. I'm a nerd, shy geek, I love science and music. I loved to model and feel pretty. I've been heart broken many times in my life. I fall in love fast. But when I do fall in love with a person, I'm all about the person. I battle depression and anxiety. I love to write and dream just like every other person on planet earth. I act cocky to hide my insecurities.

    So there's the truth. Next person calling me fake..I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do!

  • Soul Searchers

    People will do whatever they know to do if it will get a rise out of you regardless of how it makes you feel. Only the ones that you allow the power to get to you can do this.
    For instance your and I don't really know one another so if I said that you were fake then it shouldn't matter to you whatsoever. But if it does then that would be something that you need to change. I should not be able to bother you as we just don't know each other.
    Only the ones that you love and care about can truly hurt you like that

  • @hales17 from what I know, you my dear are not fake.... not one teeny tiny bit.
    for those that say you are ... well you lot can just jog on 😛

  • @hales17 calm down.

  • @hales17 same like me. Im senior in high school. Im from Indonesia.

  • There is no way anyone can say fake.

  • @hales17 ever need to talk about something feel free to hit me up my dude, the battle is hard 😞

  • @hales17 Don't be afraid of anything or anyone.... I will always be by your Side!!!!

  • I wouldn't say you're fake. Your profile just makes me cringe because you look like a self-righteous tool.

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