• I always chase things or people that are impossible to have, it attracts me in a way and the fact that i cant have it makes me want it even more.

  • @wildwallflower I think they call if thrill of the chase. I might be wrong. We often become drawn to what we can't have... That promotion we're just not qualified for, That car that is way to expensive or the people that person that is out of reach (there could be many reasons as to why they are out of reach).

    This is not an easy way of life to change in order to make your life better.
    Have you ever tried taking more of a 'back seat'? like being chased rather than doing the chasing?

  • @mr_peanut I didnt try to but I've been chased, I guess... How do u MAKE someone chase u?
    Anyway, it's rather frustrating that u keep chasing something and never get it..or sometimes u get it when u dont want it anymore.

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    @wildwallflower Whatever is scare is valuable,and becomes more valuable when it is unattainable..The more we fail,the more we soar high.. The more we receive rejection the more we are challenge..Something forbidden is alway desirable at 1st,but not all have fruitful result..
    This is the real truth we make decision complex we like or love what we dont have,and reject what is there for us..Once we already get what we like fleeting happiness arise then again we aim another thing due to people have no contentment..

  • @wildwallflower

    "The forbidden fruit is the most desired one".
    It's in the human nature to always prefer what they can't have as it makes that thing or someone more desirable to their eyes.

  • @wildwallflower said in Why do we always run after those things which are hard to get?:

    @mr_peanut I didnt try to but I've been chased, I guess... How do u MAKE someone chase u?
    Anyway, it's rather frustrating that u keep chasing something and never get it..or sometimes u get it when u dont want it anymore.

    To be honest with you I'm really not the best at the whole 'dating'. I personally take people as I find them. The problem with that is that if I do like someone they often don't feel the same way. 'I suppose not to different from your issue'.
    The times that people are into me I just don't realise. Then all of a sudden we hit the friend zone and it's to late.
    With regards to making someone chase you... sadly it goes back to the saying treat them mean, keep them keen . I'm not saying be horrid to them, but try to contain yourself... elements of sarcasm in the conversation... say no sometimes. be a little distant, but not so much that the gap grows to far.
    As I say, i'm really not the best to ask here as you can probably see from my reply. I'm sure there would be many here that could suggest more and will probably diss what I have said, but all I can give is examples from my own experience. sorry.

  • @mr-h I know...It drives me crazy..sometimes i get distracted from my path..causing too much damage

  • @mr_peanut Dont be sorry to express what u feel. Your reply is honest, thats what matters.
    And I understand what u wanna say, and somehow i just cant resist myself, I give them too much importance bcz i just wanna express it all and thats when we become less valued in their eyes.
    Also there are some ppl who want my time but I just dont feel connected to them and so I dont talk to them often or meet them...would that be called being chased?

  • @wildwallflower because you sre afraid. Afrais that even if you achieve something thay was achievable, people would just say "oh, anybody could have done it" . The thing to learn here is you need to stop fretting over people's opinion. If your achievement satisfies you, not matter how big or small, you deserve to celebrate it.

  • @wildwallflower I'm not so sure that would be considered being 'chased' due to you don't have much interest in those people themselves. :thinking_face: hmmm ....

  • @mr-pool Its not really about "what people would think if i did or didnt do something". I'm in such a position right now where i'm being criticized all the time but i dont give a damn bcz after all Its my life and it comes down the same thing, there are these things that i want which are not letting me move forward. Not everybody will understand my derise to achieve these things, not everybody will support but i gotta do what i gotta do!

  • People are born to be different
    Till they reach the end game 😏
    So just let it be girl 😏

  • @wildwallflower i think i can help. PM me if you need to talk about it. I'll help you sort it out once n for all.

  • @bela If it's about people, I do feel content when i have them and if it's about achieving something, I think it's pretty normal to wish for more and more every time.

  • @wildwallflower I know how you feel.... You want them and only them and if there's an easier option, you won't even bother 😞 so then you try and try and you're slowly getting hurt in the process....

  • @mr-pool Hey, Thanks for sayin that!

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