• When all the world feels like a blur of beige I can’t help but beg for change
    Any variation of this malignant boredom is welcome to soothe my pain
    Like a breath of fresh air in walks a stranger whom feels the same
    A rush of color vibrantly shines in contrast to these mournful greys
    A spark ignites, will it burn bright enough to sever these chains
    I dare not hope to fervently lest this fragile opportunity hurry away
    Another sun rises and with it rises possibility of hope and of love
    But the stranger is gone and with it the color that offered change
    And I am left with these chains that are mournful grey boring beige days

  • Lovely poem.. Sad but very true :(

  • @justchatamy Thank you... just a byproduct of life for me lately... im not always so gloomy 😉