• So I met this dude on discord about 7 months ago, and we talk a lot. He is very caring and honestly makes me feel great. That reason made me like him a lot. Problem is, he lives in a different country and I will be studying in a country further away from where I am now. I doubt a relationship would be able to work, and I doubt he shares the same feelings for me. Although he does take the initiative of talking to me. I just feel heavy holding on to this feeling and I really don't know if it will be wise for me to tell him how I feel.

  • give it space, give it time... things will work if it's worth the wait. :)

  • @bickeyey LDR doesn't work all the time. This will be very challenging for both of you. So stop your daydreaming and accept the fact that your relationship will never work out. (insert evil laugh).

  • Relationship is not a business to work out it will hapn within Evn if u hate it. If he’s lucky enough to get u. Definitely! Give time some time. Take deep breath. Let things place Wer it belongs. Listen to ur heart. Eyes may lie. Heart won’t. Keep smiling. Take care!

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