• Can you describe it?

  • Haha how does it feel . Well personally lust exists love doesn't you want love wait till your around 28 . But until then it's all fun and games

  • it's like when you feel diarrhea and constipation all at once..

  • @lil-lili there are chemicals that are pumped (dopamine...) into your brain and no words will describe how those chemicals feel until you fall in love or do another thing that has the same effect. Love is only a biological function that causes primates to F U C K and reproduce to continue the evolution of species and the natural selection/survival of the fittest game

  • Like there is a button infront of u that says "press this for free cookies", but everytime u press it, a bird shits on ur head but u keep pressing it. And once in every 100 times yo get a cookie.

    And its the best fckin cookie u ever had.

    And while u are eating it you realize you'll willinglly get shit on 99 times in hopes of getting another cookie.

    Then one day, the cookies stop coming.

  • @ragnar-lothbrok wow rag. Just wow

  • @kanuna you found one? Is it beautiful?

  • Hey
    Love is a one type of strongly possitive thinking ability or more carring abt your love ...
    May be love is a any person or may be anu object

    Love is a God gifted true feeling no one can describe in same why because ppl change , condition change or love defination change

    That's all about love , lots of more but i think it's like a bored lession

    Now going forward
    Feeling about love
    When some one fall in love that time mind is totally change
    Like your way of thinking
    Way of taking
    Personally you observe lots of changes...

    In last only saying
    True love means be loyal with your parter
    In any critical condition

  • Well put, Anne. First time I fell in "love", I walked around with a bottle of Pepto Bismal and just took occasional swigs instead of eating actual food. My stomach rejected food during this "wonderful magical" time of crazily obsessing over a girl. I was shitting pink liquid and dropping the pounds. Great way to lose wait. Fall in love. If not reciprocated, you fall into a black abyss.

  • I haven't actually fallen in love yet... 4 years back.. i had a relationship.. but that was build on mere attraction...
    So yeah.. i can't describe..
    But yeah.. atleast say that.. this feeling is 'the best' feeling ever.😊😊
    Good luck..

  • Music Lovers

    Being in love feels like bungee jumping without the cord..... but into water..... but you dont know how shallow the water is and if there is rocks at the bottom, only time will tell. But in the time while your in the air (honeymoon phase) its amazing, scary, breathtaking, fun, and life changing all at the same time.

  • Gamers

    Its like fall from a tower and there's a big pillow under it, you don't know what will you get after it. You can die, have safe landing or got some broken bones.

  • @ironically but on a way through u feel something that melts ur heart i bet

  • @lil-lili Its an undefinable cluster of feelings. Feelings words could never begin to describe. it's one hearts recognition of another. it is the fusion of souls. it's more powerful than any drug. if you have to question if you love someone, or something then you don't. Love is everything. without it humankind is worthless. Just remember to fall in love, there's nothing g else.

  • Love is a warm fuzzy feeling you get inside you, when you talk with them, it feels as if you have a tummy ache, you have trouble speaking, and you look like a fool.

    Then, you run home, bawl your eyes out in bed, then get back up to a new day, this time, with your heart, broken.

  • @anonymousangel dΓ mn true

  • @lil-lili Love is like Your Favorite calm music. You always wanna have it and never can forget it. actually you have to ask, how does it feel to stop thinking about some one who you love so much. is it even possible? that big "no" and the whole passions along with, would be the answer to this topic. ;)

  • like ultra shit

  • Like ultra shit? Can you describe it more specifically? Haha

  • its like getting a heart attack over a fake person.....over nothing.... and then you dont know what do do in life after they dont love you back

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