• I saw a thing on tv years ago about Beanie Babies and, at the time, the potetial value of them.... not sure about that now...

    What I am seeking -

    I'm tring to find a few I saw ... I always liked them, to be honest cause their twisted lol

    • One was called 'Run Over Cat' . It was what the name suggest's .. the cat was produced flat in the middle, complete with tyre track and bewildered eye's

    • The other was called 'Eggburt' . This was simply a fried egg with a beak sticking out from the yolk .
      There were some other interesting takes on small plush toys, there may of been a turtle bizaoid-thingy-ma-bob to..
      the aforementioned were by far the best plush toys I have ever seen

    Can I get some H E L P please??

  • I only know Bucky_Barnes :smile: