any wanabee therapists around?

  • i was going to one and she recently moved. im lost here. how do i get over hyperchondria and the anxiety that goes alogn with it? i ws in a hospital one time back and forth 4 times in a week! yes it is that bad. i was committed overnight once, as well. i cant keep living like this! all my blood work always comes back healthy as can be. i am told i am quite healthy for age and all. but i was recently diagnosed with a MILD heart issue (lvh), which is quite common and mostly treatable and not a "death sentence" like i read on google. i want my life back again crying i wanna go back to being somewhat fit and not walking up a small flight of stairs like i had just climbed Everest! has anyone ever gone through this shit? it is taking my life from me and damnit i have lots i wanna live for! mainly her>>>>> downloadfile.jpeg


    @mikeJB I’m so sorry to hear what ur going through. I’m not a therapist but can u ask ur old one for a recommendation for a new one? Also is that ur daughter? She’s adorable and absolutely u need to take care of u first in order to be able to take care of her.

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