• I must admit I've been lucky enough to escape many fails, let alone epic one's.
    Most of mine are from the old 'Foot-In-Mouth' haha ....
    One of my better one's was while sat on a bus talking to my ex about Eric Cartman and his thoughts on Gingers....
    Lent forward elbows on knees I was saying (repeating) that Gingers have no soul!
    At this time I had noticed there was a beauty of a flame-haired female at the other end of the bus...
    Not really paying attention to my ex, that happened to be going red as a radish, trying to get me to stop I continued with my comments.
    Towards the end I raised my head and noticed on the seat directly in front of my ex was another bright ginger haired woman.
    Well me being me couldn't just stop mid flow.
    That was one of my top 5 epic fails.... Whats Yours?
    ps... I have nothing against Red's... my first and only <3 Love <3 was a red with the cutest of freckles :)

  • :) ..... :)

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