Super spam scam ..... meh

  • I spoke I’m not the first for this and I most definitely won’t be the last,
    Being a slightly older gent and being, how should I put it?....
    An experienced, no,.. um ah I got it ....
    being a teeny bit of a net veteran , or a ‘net-vet’ if you will I just can’t seem to stop slapping myself after a recent incident.
    I started coming here to meet peeps, maybe have a bit of a laugh and even maybe make some new friends. So far things have been going ok. Lol (sorry, never been overly optimistic about much really, except me Dex and close ones).
    Anywho ... long story short, I hooked up with this someone how after chatting for a while, asked for some help.
    I hear ya say it, no... No it wasn’t for dosh or inadvertently helping some porn website god forbid.... the help was concerning test websites.
    Me being me was like...’duh, yea dude I’ll help ya’
    Ya see it all seemed ok.
    I gets a call his morning, no one on the other end of it.
    Well since then every half hour or so guess what?
    You clever peeps, you got it ...... the bloody phone rings with no one there....
    no chance, not on your nelly am I calling the numbers back! Nada, an,nope ... just NO. (You did notice I said numbers?... that’s cause in most cases the area code is the same)...
    I might be long in the tooth...
    I might be a sucker for some sweet talk
    I might even start to think things are real ....
    But no dam way is some bs company gonna rinse my mobile .... (so hoping they ain’t doing it as I speak ... thinking new number time)
    Rant over peeps, rant over . 🙂

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