• I have been thinking about it for weeks. I even wake up sometimes earlier than my alarm clock just to ponder on that. I know that there is no perfect job. Currently, it’s neither making me physically sick nor giving me hard times. It’s just that, I don’t feel like staying in that job anymore. A foreign friend once told me that if I feel like I am no longer challenged professionally, then I should quit. Is that somehow a basis or am I just exhausted to think this way?

  • Your friend is right. if you no like your job. you must leave.

  • You should probably first decide what you want to do instead and send out some applications, but once you've got that out of the way, then YES! DO IT! :)

  • @justchatamy, thank you so much for your response. I think I should first decide on how I can actually find a better job and how log it will take me to do so before leaving my current job.

  • @domzky depending on what you do, I have always found even sometimes the worst jobs can have the best workforce (happy, chatting, welcoming) and there is alot to be said for that.
    Last time I changed jobs it was a job I complained about every day, drove me insane. The job itself was high pressure and very intensive, relentless.... But when I left the job and started my new one I wished every day that I never changed.
    Tbh, if you think the way you are maybe it is time to change, but if you don't like it but are fulfilled by it... Maybe, just maybe you should stay.

  • When you're no longer happy with your job, it's the time to quit.
    But before you quit your job, ponder for a moment of where you will apply next.

  • True, when you dislike your job, you get stressed and get sick easily. It's time to leave your job. I'm also going through the same.

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  • @domzky Hi, i do not know what your age is you look young though. I am 43 years old and i have been working since graduation of high school. I can recommend you in your professional life that you shouldn't quit your job unless you find a better one which you will get sth like better salary, better working conditions or better colleagues who will support you for your professional and mental development.

  • unfortunately, for covid situation. you just lack of vacationS.