• My mom is very fond of dancing and since I was a little girl, she used to enroll me into dancing tutorials. Somehow, I learned to love dancing too. In school, I am one of the cheerleading team. That was before I got into an incident. I lost balance while I am on top. It made me fell to the ground real hard. I had been confined for almost a month because of that. My dad never let me join cheer dances since; it has been one year now. One week ago, our choreographer asked me to be back on the team. There is an upcoming competition internationally and I was tempted to join. My teammates are so excited to win free tour to another country if they will make it to first place. I really love to but I doubt it if my dad will allow me. I understand that he doesn’t want the same incident to happen again but dancing is my passion. How can I make him say yes? I miss dancing so much!

  • @janem98 hunger strike! worked for me!

  • If you made a soft way in the past.I think now you need a hard way, a very serious conversation.
    I am 21 years old and i have no passion. So i think you re very lucky to have the love of dancing . It your life, your choices. I mean almost people have to do a job that they dont like it, for 40 years. When you re 18 and go to university, your dad cant forbid you any more. So anyway you can go to that dancing life with or without his permission. So why your dad not let you do it.
    Show him your love, show him your passion, and if he dont accept, tell him you will do it with or without his support. That the only way you can live the life that you re happy.

    Im just the guy 's learning English so sorry if my word is hard to understand, and thank for reading my thought.

  • @janem98

    Try to open your heart to your parents, especially your dad. Parents always worry (too much sometimes) about their kids and no matter how old you get they always see you as their little baby girl. I don't know the kind of relationship and education you've had and grown with but the tighter it was the harder you will have to pull to set you free.

    This might be the push you need to show them how much you need them to set you free. A pure pation like that is rare nowadays, show them that you are responsible and how much that means to you. In the end, all they want is to see you happy and safe so if you touch their heart they will know what's right!