• anyone managed to get rid of Bing, the pathetic search engine.
    cant use google search in Firefox anymore cos Bing over rides it .....
    anyone know if removing and reinstalling Firefox will remove it ???

  • @luv2lik You don't need to uninstall and reinstall firefox. Click tools on the menu of firefox browser and select 'add-ons'. Then add-on manager tabs will be opened. Click on 'Bing' and then click remove button which is located at the right end of it's row.

  • You can also change it by going in the settings and changing the default search engine,

    But honestly I prefer bing over google for image search,

    SInce google wont directly open images after their deal with getty images,

    i had to open the website to get a particular image,

    Bing has better matching algorithms which provides with similar images if you search for something,

    Bing wallpapers are a blessing for someone who likes to have new and good wallpapers everyday...

    And bing is not a creep..

    It doesn't monitor every thing you do..

    And it doesn't sell or at least "accidentally" leak your data.


  • @damncuteguy
    Thank You for taking your time replying. Unfortunately this action makes no difference.
    Google is set as my default search engine in the Firefox Options and as my home page, I can enter a search subject in the google search bar, the google search engine goes to work, the research flashes up on the screen for a microsecond and then its completely overridden by a Bing search result which is dominated by line after line of advertiser links.

    I've deleted everything I can incase the coding for this is contained in some software I use but so far I havent got rid of Bing, and the Bing search results are pathetic.