• I was getting bored, so i opened " the god forsaken random chat " after a long ass time in a hope to find people who aren't horny. To my surprise, i came across a guy who wasn't horny. But then he asked " where are you from? " i replied "India". Then he was like " oh, the country where people defecate in public? You must must be doing the same, dont you? " This got me triggered af. There have been a couple of incidents on public chat where people have trolled other people because of their nationality. And when i wanted to give a fitting reply, I've got suggestions like " they're trolls, don't mind them." Would an american like if i say " isis should bomb your country " ? NO. If you love your country, i love my country too. Yes, we have flaws, every country has one or the other. If you can't say anything good, don't say anything bad either. Every person is unique, no one is the same. Try to know them first. Stop being so god damn judgemental. Prefer individuality before nationality.

  • @blue_nebula fucking👏Preach👏It👏Bishhh👏

  • @Blue_Nebula This is what people don't understand , I have written about this many times but no one care about it. Main target here on this website are mostly Indians.

  • I have the same take on these kinda situations.
    Thanks for being so bold and speaking up!

  • @bucky-2-0 it's not just about Indians, it's about anyone who gets humiliated because of someone's stereotypical thinking about a nation. The troll doesn't even know the person, or the country well, and still makes stupid comments about his/her country. That's just bullshit. For example, most of the non indians don't know how beautiful india is. Or India is known for it's hospitality, tradition and culture. Or how delicious indian cuisines are. And still they choose to pick up one negative topic and harass the person because of that.

  • I really value your opinion and I think everybody should too. Be proud of your your country despite its flaws!

  • @blue_nebula hats off

    I admire what you said....