• I’ve been writing depressing poems and I feel sorry for it and now here it is

    This is the night where my heart feels like it's dying, it feel like there sharp blades sticking in my heart no one there for you and they'll never come to see u pass or to see u and say how very sorry they are but next thing you know you are dead nothing to blame no one there too see you, my heart is fading away

    My souls my heart are dead all because of you, I didn't mean to be this way I'm sorry but the pain never fades away, even tho ur my love my life and my everything, you can put my back together and break me apart, dose it even matter if I'm alive or dead, because of all I did ime done

    It feel like I'm dying inside my small world every word I say it feels like I'm drowning no one can hear it even tho your there with me you can't see the pain I feel the pain think about the pain you felt as a child and think on how many people are going through a pain that never goes away

    My dead heart stopped bc I never knew how much I hurt you and my heart tell me how much I hurt people in my past and right now you can't see it that much now bc I hide my feeling to, so wouldn't have to explain It to you I say sorry bc I take the wrong turn the wrong step and play the wrong card if you can't see that im sorry enough I'll be waiting the stars to see if I pick the right or wrong card

    There more but I thinks that’s all I’m gonna write for now

  • It's not to late I use to super depressed

  • @spaceboy yeah

  • @rebel_cute You didn't want to save yourself but I wanna still save you :)