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    Heyo bishes

    I got put in charge of coaching a middle school volleyball team.
    They are fifth and sixth graders, which is when they typically begin learning the basics of the sport. (In other words, most have never played before this season).
    I want to make sure that I make this a fun and productive season.

    As a player, I know what I like to see in a coach and what drills I like. HOWEVER, they are all too far advanced for the players Im teaching.

    So two things:
    -Any tips on how you think a coach should be
    -If there are any vball players out there (i havent met one on here yet) I need drill ideas

    Google is fresh out of basic level shit

    Its tiring lel

  • Like to be a coach or player?

  • @willow there are some drills for serving where you literally just serve the ball to the other side, I know a drill for calling where you stand on one side and the team stands on the other, you throw the ball and they have to call it to be able to hit it

  • @steve-roger coach bb

  • @willow Ok i got it
    actually i am not great with vb
    so i give small drill from this junior

    • Serving Strategy
      angle and elevation

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  • @willow swwy I got nun🤷‍♀️ I’m sure you’ll do amazing tho!!

  • @willow A topic I can respond to because I did play hockey for awhile & love sports. 😊. You have to figure out which kids you can push or be hard on & which kids you have to constantly pump them up. If you yell at them. They fall apart. Some kids are self motivated & get them to help push the slackers. Some kicks need a kick in the ass. Keeping their attention is key. Whatever drills you do in any sport. Keep them moving & change them up quick. Don’t be on one drill for 1/2 a practice.
    Good Luck your gonna need a lot of patience. Lol

  • @willow

    Back when i was younger, I used to play Tennis. It's defo not the same kind of sport, but I remember there were all types of kids. The ones that were naturally better then the rest and had to be paired with each other, the ones that were inconsistent and had to be followed carefully, the goofy/distracted ones...
    What I mean is, it won't be homogeneous, you will have to adapt, pay attention to all of them in general but never neglecting anyone in particular. Lots of patience is what i recommend, but I know how good u are with kids, so as soon as u create a bound with them, i'm sure you'll be the best coach ever!

    Good luck :)