• Cry baby bridge so legend go a woman jest had a baby and couldn't take life no more with her abusive husband so she whated one night till he was a sleep grab her newborn baby and went to the old bridge she thought on it mustard up the courage and jumped in to the ice cold waters below with her baby in hand as she fell to her death she lost the baby up on falling when she landed she broke her back and neck so she tryed but couldn't move to find her baby so it gose she lay and died wile crying wondering where the baby was so if you go to the bridge at midnight drive across you'll. Hear a baby cry look in ya back seat and see a lady in a black dress and hat asking if you have her baby be careful what you say if she thinks your lien about knowing where her baby is shes been know to attack

  • I like script of The conjuring movie more than any else movie script. You can google it's story and read it.
    P.S. It's an eminent movie. Most of people already know it's story.

  • That is suposta be based on true events so that makes it more existing

  • Salem's Lot