• People of TalkWithStranger, we are in a crisis against the Southern part of this site and between our community. I doubt the administrators will see this post, I'm DA TRUMP after all, what would I know? Though I'm not worthy enough to be a legal politician either, (I'm not even worthy enough to be a politician for this site) I believe I have come up with a solution to stop outsiders from invading our TWS community once and for all, and that being... We need to build a wawl. Not a wall but a wawl. You may be wondering what the hell a wawl is. Well, wawl could mean a few different things. For example, it could mean a WAWLrus or a narWAWL. And the best way to build this wawl is to ditch the MakeTWSGreatAgain hashtag. It sucks. Fucking leave it. It's done. Don't fight it. If you want the wawl to grow, ya gots to use the #WAWL. Yes. That's right. #WAWL just got confirmed. IT will represent your love for TWS and for those who truly care. And we need to build it quickly.


  • @da-pic #WAWL #MAKETWSGREATAGAIN #DATRUMP #CHANGE #YUSimaMODandIseeTHISpost. #DAPICisoneofmehbestfrands 😂