• Yeah, no, just kidding. In all seriousness, I'm still alive and there's just been a lot going on recently that I have to deal with. If I'm not on for periods at a time, don't assume I left TWS. You will know I left if I use #KeepTWSGreatForever at the end of my post. I WILL be here for as long as I can and probably until the site dies, or it's taken down, or it grows larger. If ya miss meh, shoot me a message in the pms and I'll check it every once in a while to answer you. I'm actually trying to take my life more seriously now as I'm focused solely on YouTube, BandLab, and Twitter, writing music to bring it to life in BandLab. So please, do not start rumors that I left because I will be here until the very end... even if I don't answer for a year!

  • @da-pic gonna follow you on twitter

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