• So here's how I found TWS.

    So I've used TWS for almost as long as its been up. I didn't create my actual DA PIC account until about 3 months ago.
    So it was s typical Friday night for me, staying up and watching porn. I had by mistake clicked on an ad for Nutaku Games and it took me to the site. I browsed around the sexual games until I had accidentally clicked another link thst redirected me to TWS. I pretty much stayed on Global Chat most of the time, until I decided three months ago to make an official account.
    After I created my account, it redirected me to the Public Chat.
    I had intended to have my account be a troll account named Administrator. I was spamming the Public Chat until @willow 's ass had said "I fookin' doubt ye is an admin ya wrinkly betch" (she obviously didn't say that exactly but idgaf) . And I kept denying and denying until I was finally banned. Fuck. I then made another account with my real name, Jay Norman. I then decided to be a friendo to the ppl and be nice. The pfp I have now has been the same ever since. I met a user named @goodgirll who loved my pic and started saying DA PIC THOOO XXXDDD 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌. So I decided to change my name to DA PIC just as a joke, but it stuck. Ever since. I don't post that often so that's why I've only got about 400 reputation. While @heyitszoey has over 1k and has only been here a month. I should be embarrassed. But I've made friends here the past few months. So thank you @Abby.22 , @goodgirll , @RAGNAR , @Rabbitboy , @layla , @WtfJudith , @heyitszoey , @Kat_15 for being mah friendos 👌👌

  • no one cares lol

  • @da-pic

    Noone notices my reputation :cry: I'm also part of the kool kidz club!!!
    Regardless of the meme, you seem to be pretty cool :ok_hand: :100:

  • Music Lovers


    Yyayyyyyyyy Im the asshole moderator!!
    Oh i am sure the great and powerful @Evan-Elderson is proud of me today

  • @da-pic Reputation doesn't matter at all. Though how many true friends you have made, does matter.

  • @damncuteguy
    Okay... But that wasn't the point....

  • @willow Calm down. In fact, I should thank you 😂😂