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    @g-a said in PASS THE COMPLIMENT:

    I will compliment @willow
    Hi girl, you are a good human for no matter reasons happens, yes i am with you 😏
    You also a good mod who dont want anyone get hurted. I see it when you defend this dad even i tried to brain storm him with several reasons @Evan-Elderson (my bad dad. I am sorry)
    You also beautiful either you put your glass or not, either you have a long hair or not, either you are a kind human being or a girl with full of mitakes.
    And the last, this may be a thousand compliments ever, i love your picture when you are smiling 😁

    Awww sniffle thank you so much homie!!! Youre epic

  • @willow said in PASS THE COMPLIMENT:

    @mr-h So this isnt technically following the rules (fuck the rules)
    I think that youre the most wonderful person I have ever met. The moment you popped up in my dm’s i felt connected, drawn to you. I was opening up so easy to you. And you know how to make me smile. You know what a huggle is. You understand my weird Spanish outbreaks.
    And I admire how you try to better yourself every day. Going to the gym to build a better body, both mentally physically. I like how you take others feedback but also know how to stand your ground
    I admire how strong you are. Emotionally I would be trashed if it werent for you. And if I was you, I dont think I would have handled the issues you have had as great as you did. A person who can emotionally support themself and also help others around them are 10/10
    Youre funny and carefree. Someone I actually like to be around. You have never once gotten annoying. You know when to say a joke and when to say something that will still make me smile
    Youre the #1 bruh.
    My little limpy lettuce 😛😛

    God damn it Willow, look at this the ninjas are back and they are cutting onions again.
    You are the best girl. Don't let anybody (including your mind) say it otherwise. I'm really happy I found someone as special as you! 😍
    Now excuse me for pounces at you and wraps my hands around your neck in a very tight hug I ain't letting go!

  • @evan-elderson nothing

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    @g-a you do love anime, hmm?

    anime not

  • @evan-elderson but 😞 but but but 😞 it is okay not to be okay rn 😞

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