I has lost my mental stability.

  • @TalkWithStranger @RAGNAR , Your mod @Willow is behaving like mad. I had taken ban from Ragnar for 5 days and she unbanned me . Then , when I asked for reason she writes something stupid on my profile.

    So , Please ban me forever or tell your mod @Willow to stop this.i got a serious ego problem.

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    @talkwithstranger we discussed that we are no longer allowed to ban users just because they want to be banned. I took the liberty to unban yoursbucky, and that was one of the reasons why.
    Since we are mentioning me writing something on your profile, Id like to see further proof that I did this. For all we know, you wrote that just to make me look bad.
    Since you are trying to call me out, lets discuss what you have been sending to my private messages
    You continuously spammed my private messages until i answered. 0_1529861745020_009CC6E3-E01D-4DBC-8846-B52048B62E5A.jpeg
    I was done being kind to you and I apologize for using profanity (eh jk, im not sorry). But i asked you to leave me alone and yet you have continued. 0_1529861788353_C308C9EF-2C7C-43A5-BDCC-6B21A64AF0EC.jpeg
    You have now begun harassing me, saying that I am obsessed with you, when you are the one messaging me. So sorry, but I could never love an idiotic asshole.
    You use namecalling to spite me and call me stupid. Well sweetheart, youre a pretty dumb fuck too.

    Once again, lets discuss what “ego” problems are.
    Definition of ego: the self importance or self esteem of one’s self.
    So tell me Bucky. Does a suicidal, anorexic, self harming bitch like myself seem like I have a big ego? Nada baby boy.
    Ego problems is a person coming to another acting entitled, treating others as if everyone owes them something
    And thats exactly what you did

    I asked you to leave me alone and now you do this
    So yes @RAGNAR i have some things I would like to discuss
    And as for you @yoursbucky get a fucking life and quit trying to talk shit about me

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    @yoursbucky banning people on their will isnt allowed. So she's right. If you want to leave you may leave. But dont ask moderators to ban you.

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    @yoursbucky Honestly, I don't know what has happened here and I won't take part for anyone, but accusing someone of mental instability is very serious. I know you are aware of how defamations can affect a person (https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/19277/yoursbucky-is-pedophile)
    If you have a problem with a user, in this case moderator, you can contact the administrators privately, there's no need to create this drama

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    @yoursbucky alright let’s step back and look at this whole things step by step alright.

    1. You post a topic because your butt hurt about being unbanned early.(on the website you apparently want to leave btw)
    2. The person your attacking (Willow) comes and defends herself right. As any SANE person would do.
    3. Her friends notice she has been commenting on this post about her being “mentally unstable” so they come to check it out out of curiosity. Because willow is playfully so we assume it’s her being funny about a puppy or nugs or sum.
    4. We notice she is being attacked directly in public. And we do what all normal friends would do. Defend.
    5. Not only do you get upset about how everyone is defending this “mentally unstable, ego queen” girl, you get upset and through out guilt trips to make us feel in the wrong such as “one person” and “abusing”

    ιετ mε jυsτ αsκ γου τhιs
    How is us defending our friend abusing the person who is directing the hate at that said friend? And who the heck do you think you are to try and make ME feel guilty for defending someone who is obviously being publicly attacked infront of all of her peers. Seems logical right?
    A guy hates on a girl
    She gets protected
    All of a sudden everyone who is defending her is the bad guys.
    That’s why lawyers get paid so much right. They get paid to defend. But nvm they get paid that way because they are the bad guys. They “abuse” the people who they are not defending.
    Oh wait let’s look at it from a different perspective. Someone, say you, gets called a name. Let’s say pedophile. What happens then.
    OH WAIT.
    Well I’m sorry this is all because your previous banning time was so rudely took from you. But last I checked. If you wanted to be banned that means you do not have enough self control (obviously) to stay off of a site that you apparently get so abused on?
    Not only are you being ”treated horribly because they unbanned you early” but your also making it worse. Making you a public target as you post about someone else being “mentally unstable.”
    Seems logical like before.
    Someone who hates being bullied makes them self a target.
    Cause everyone who hates being bullied makes sure everyone has a way to say something about them to their face right? That’s just what happens. So anyways I’ll let you get your well needed rest. Sleep well knowing you get to come back and read this comment because you was so graciously unbanned by my sister @Willow

  • @willow holy shit... I go travelling for a few hours and miss some incredible dramatic shit. Anyways, I feel you handled yourself well in dealing with bucket. Dont let anyone else tell you otherwise. Take of yourself Willow, or I might have to come there and do it for you.

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    @obviouslylucifer If he wants to leave....for he is getting harassed here. Better be it then. Im with you brother. And I'll certainly miss you @YoursBucky

  • The drama here is just incredible... I need to write a book about this place but I fear only TWS people would understand its depth.

    I hope everyone is having a better day. It is my first day at my new job, wish me luck. 😀




    I know you need drama, to give some spice to your boring life, but leave me and my friends the fuck away from your shitty drama

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    @yoursbucky said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    I don't think so that I have called anyone of you 😂😂😂. Maybe @Willow has called you to defend her side.

    They can do as they want Bucky. I ddnt ask @Mr-H to come here and defend me, he came on his own.

    @Willow R u feeling bad?? Isn't this frustrating ? that you are using all your means and source to defeat one newcomer who is alone.

    Im actually very relaxed, thank you for asking. I have a gatorade in one hand and some slime in the other. Im not trying to ‘defeat’ you I am just trying to show everyone who reads this topic that you are full of shit.

    I am sorry but I am not like everyone else that I follow you and take your favour because you are a moderator and old user.

    Again, I am not favoured because of that I like to believe.
    Im a good person and I dont harass and spam people just to get what I want. Thats why im supported, not because im some old user. Or because im a girl.

    will point out again and again whatever I will find wrong.

    Then start pointing out REAL problems
    Dont make up some bullshit drama just to get attention

  • @evan-elderson said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @willow holy shit... I go travelling for a few hours and miss some incredible dramatic shit.

    Same and I’m too tired to get involved in this shit now 😕

  • @help_wtfjudith said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @evan-elderson said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @help_wtfjudith said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @evan-elderson said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @help_wtfjudith said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @yoursbucky what?

    What? What?

    What? What? What?

    What? What? What? What?

    What? What? What? What? What?

    Fuck... do I need to ban us!

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    @yoursbucky said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    Please ban me forever


    Can't you guys see how harassed bucky is in this community.

    He seriously wants to leave us.

    You should stop harassing him and give in to his demands.

    Ban him and his ip address.

    Bucky doesn't deserve to be harassed.

    Ban Bucky, Set him free.


    @yoursbucky said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @willow Then Congratulations to me I am getting attention.

    You are indeed getting attention about the fact of how unstable and twisted of a human being you are. You pick on someone for following the rules, you make a PUBLIC topic shaming that person, you embarrass yourself by getting biten in your own ass by your own actions, you refuse to read the replies cuz they are clearly too advanced for you to understand, it's really a shame what a kid needs to do to call attention.

    I got an advice for you, grow up.

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    @g-a There's something called sarcasm and im very good at using it thanks to my friend @ObviouslyLucifer here.

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    You are a good person...but you need certain changes in the way you behave(silly comments etc) and the way you interfere in other's business (especially mods).
    Start being more sensible and you will be treated fantabulously "bro".

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    @yoursbucky also. I’m not done. You mention @Willow as the “ego queen” last I checked Bucky. You the one posting shit about people not even worried about the consequences about what you do. Your also the one thinking your always in the right. Always correct. Last I checked if @Willow was the ego queen then your an ego god. You simply cannot accept that you are in the wrong. Did willow publicly attack you? No. Did willow say things about you until you posted a whole topic to her being “mentally unstable”? No. If I can remember correctly, your always complaining about how you get bullied and attacked here. I even remember you writing ANOTHER whole post about it. Hmmm... sounds so hypercritical. I wonder if everyone who is hypercritical is completely mentally stable? If not that just makes you even more of a hypercrit. Bruh what is the point of this even? It has no purpose? Throw a tantrum because you don’t have enough control to leave the site by yourself? Throw a tantrum because a MOD is doing what SHE is suppose to do? Throw a tantrum because all you do in willows pms is bug the hell out of her? Seems like a good life to live. How old are you even? What kind of life is it living just annoying people because you want something done NOW. Like a little kid. Like someone who doesn’t know the meaning of maturity. It’s amazing what these people here are like. I know you didn’t say anything to me directly. But you said something to willow who is like my sister. I know she’s been going through shit lately and I’ve asked her and she never mentioned it after her profile bio changed so I left it be. But Bucky. You never know what someone is going through. NEVER. Her fucking mom could have died and she thinks it was her fault and now your saying she has MENTAL ISSUES? DO YOU NOT SEE THE ISSUE HERE? or are you always correct?

  • @g-a said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @yoursbucky you re dare to ask this "rules" things after you did unpleasant things to @willow 😂
    Dude, do me 3 favors please, do it as a brother eho wants you to be a mature man and stop fighting with girls.


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    @sup said in Willow has lost her mental stability:

    @obviouslylucifer If he wants to leave....for he is getting harassed here. Better be it then. Im with you brother. And I'll certainly miss you.


    And if he makes another account, please ban that too.

    All this harassment may have affected his psychological being.

    Keep banning him until his mind is liberated from this dystopian, apocalyptic website.

  • Why spending alot of time and energy to argue with someone like that? he asks for ban everytime. We know that banning is only for known reasons. As for what he did recently he deserves a ban. A site is made for users to communicate and have fun nothing else. And mods are there to make sure rules are followed. Not banning and unbanning same user everytime. @YoursBucky asked me for a ban, surely i did ban him for a week, cuz i believed he was being mistreated, after a week he asked me to unban him. And i did. He came again asking me for a ban, and sounds like he is playing with that feature. And what in the hell did he think he duin by posting this topic harrasing one of our mods? I agree on what @ObviouslyLucifer said, he should be banned until he gets a lesson. There is no need to argue with him anymore.

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