• By the cold light of the moon I can still feel your hands on my body. It was wrong, neither one of us was a good person for what we did. But your body fit inside mine so perfectly. I could spend hours kissing you until our lips were raw. The lightest touch of your finger tips on my body awoke me and made me ache for you. Our eyes locked on to one another's from across the room, and it was like every stick of furniture, every person, every sound and every wall disappeared, leaving only you and me. At night I would lay awake thinking of you. Wishing you were there laying by my side. Though imagining if you were, we wouldn't be sleeping. At least not until we were completely exhausted and spent.
    I walked away from you, because it was the right thing. There would never be more than stolen moments, convenient public spaces, and bad choices.
    Still I walk alone in the dark, the light of the moon overhead, the cold breeze on my back. A silent tear shed for what could have been and then another for what was. My body never the same since you.

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