• I just want to hear embarrassing or funny stories from your childhood. I might do one about stories from the present(but that's not what this is sooooo let's go).

  • I used to have this Nike shirt and I loved it so much. I wanted to be called nike(I was so stupid), people started to call me nike, but then one day my grandpa told me nike was a brand. That made me so sad because I thought that the name nike was actually a name, and I was so sad. 😥😭😭
    But its fine now cuz I'm older and I know its funny now but still a little embarassing

  • Btw, there’s a comic with a really cool Greek goddess named Nike that updates on webtoon weekly, it’s mainly about the Greek goddess athena

  • Also, I once had a teacher that found me and my friends slacking from class at this after school place, she made us scrub doors of dust, but the dust collected on the doors every second, then she made us write an essay of why we weren’t in class, the thing is, we were ‘slacking from class’ ten minutes BEFORE class. So I literally wrote that. Then I cried to my mom but she didn’t care, my friends did the same and their moms did care. The whole after school place hated that teacher because she was violent and mean all the time. Then that teacher got fired on the weekend, and everyone had a celebration with snacks and movies, including the counselors. It’s called revenge

  • Usually in indian society, when we go visit someone, the procedure of saying bye and leaving is quite long compared to others.

    So, my dad said bye to uncle inside the house and then uncle came outside with us for seeing us off.

    And then there I am, 8 yrs old, sitting on the bike, ready for the ride, and again my dad and uncle started chatting, and then the 8 yr old frustrated me, shouted all of a sudden…..”Namaste uncle” (Namaste is used for greeting when we meet or see off someone) with an irritated look, to stop their conversations.

    And yeah, it worked very well, and they still remember this and laugh.

    But, was I rude saying this?

    If I was 18, then yeah it's rude, but at 8, it's called being cute, not rude.