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  • @sir-devil thank you sensei i shall book my one way ticket right away :OOOOOOOOO

  • @mirage-again It could be due to some personal reasons or it could be just that they don't like your approach or just blatant racism. Actually, it doesn't matter at all. It's their decision, right?

    Well anyway, as far as I know, there aren't many people who hesitate to chat with Asians. It might be your bad luck?!

  • I'm just reviving this thread. If anyone needs my help, I would try my best...

  • @burvochi2kx social interaction is hard. but believe me, but you did survive. keep working on your life.

  • @sir-devil hi sir, i got these thoughts but i think im the only one that thinks its a problem 😥

  • @sir-devil Hey
    I feel really bad about how my life is. I dropped out of my college cos I couldn't keep up with academics. My parents are really disappointed with me. But I think that it's a good that I got a break so that I can really think of I want to be... but I can't think of anything, I'm always so depressed and can't figure out what to do...

  • @solosapien it's good that you took a break. If you don't know what to do, use that break to think about what you want to do. There is no fault with taking a break. For example, in my college, my English professor quit from his engineering degree in his third year and join a arts college to get a major in English after a 1-2 year break and now, he is quite happy with life. It would be more helpful if you learned a skill during that break...

  • Music Lovers

    Sir all time I wana make every one happy that's why I said only those things which ppls like to hear 👂🏻 after that they think I'm flirting or buttering means what is this sir it's insulting for me that's why I decided I don't want talk with expensive ppl here...!
    Sir is it right or wrong...?

  • @one BRO!!!
    You should say what you like,you should say what you want because no matter what you say somewhere someone is going to get offended. You can't make everyone happy at the same time, so only person you should care about making happy is yourself.

  • Music Lovers

    @lucifer_ hey bro thanks a lot ur always on ma side just like ma bruh @Ragnar-Lothbrok thanks a lot brothers..!

  • I got work to do but still, I left this tab open. So, If you need someone to talk to, I am online. Feel free to message me...

  • Hello, everyone! It's me Sir Devil, online. I have left this tab open. So, if someone needs to talk, I'm here.

  • HI, guys

  • @sir-devil my number one problem is that I’m literally broke asf and it’s really hard.

  • @sir-devil hello sir devil. Owing to your popularity, we are asking your help on this.

    @kek is causing problems for other users. For e.g @AlwaysStranger who is our most top poster on the site.

    We don't hate @kek or anyone. We just want you to guide @kek and resolve this sittutation for the good of Tws community.

  • @alwaysstranger What I trying to say was that after a certain point, banning someone would become useless. He would just come back one way or another. At this point, there's little one can do. Even something like YouTube can't do much if someone decides to do that. The best example for that would be Keemstar. He was racist, toxic and even did things like swatting. He was banned by YouTube for this and within a month he just created a new account. YouTube banned it too. In response, he just created another account and so this cycle continued for a while, till he found a way to abuse a loophole in their policy and stopped that account from being banned.

  • @tessha how old are you, and what are you doing?

  • @sir-devil im about to do diarrhea but i cant jump in the shower after because the bathroom with the shower is locked because the maintenance people were here to fix my dishwasher

  • @ttls Not really. I wouldn't really recommend it. While they cheated on you, they knew that they were doing wrong to you and also that you would be hurt but they did it anyway. They did it while fully knowing that you would be hurt.

    and due to them cheating on you, it is fair to assume that they are only after sex. If not, they would have valued your relationship more or at least, have the decency to break up and cut ties, before hooking up with another person.

    And finally, Since they had already cheated on you before, there's no assurance that they would not do it again in the future.

    So, if you want to give them a chance, consider these things and make a decision.
    In other words, you can give them a chance, if you completely trust them and the reason they gave you for cheating on you,

  • @greentealover i know the feeling...and its normal..u just dont wanna be in a relationship with wrong person,u just dont want to have regrets..and until that one particular person moves mountains to be with you,u dont want them.
    you want to be valued and its not just love u seek its more than that...u want to own someone ,any one giving you anything less than that makes u bored or least intrested and distrustful in them as the time goes by....i know u didnt ask the question to me..i just thought ill reply because i had felt the same way once...ignore if my words doesnt resonate with you..have a good day:)

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