•  So if you haven't noticed already, I have not been as active as I usually am. And I said I didn't take breaks. Well, I guess you can consider my inactivity a break. 
     I'm trying to be as active as possible, but I'm spending time with my grandparents, going different places with them, and taking care of my sister that has SPD. If you want to talk to me while I'm active, I'm usually active at night. 9pm - 3am. I've also been trying to write music and even pay attention more to YouTube, since I have a new channel. 
     Not a super long post, more of a quick summary that explains why I'm inactive. I have had thoughts of leaving TWS because of my aggressive schedule. But I can assure you, even if I'm not on for a year, I would have told you guys that I'm leaving. Which I don't plan to do anytime soon ☺. Thank you to my friends to making me comfortable to this site these past few months and getting me this far in that short time period.

  • @da-pic OK. In short you will not be very active for a while. Then, if you re ready to be active again, write something.

  • Totally understandable, as long as you come back sometimes to tell us you’re ok 👍

  • Aww that sweet and nice have fun dear old friend