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    So, my friend(@yash1234) and I were chatting, and it inspired my post tonight, before I head to bed at 5:30 in the morning only to wake up in less than an hour for school.

    But anyway,

    "What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you this month?"

    Bonus question:

    Weirdest thing this year?

    1. I was visiting by best friends house when her dad shaved my older sisters son, my nephew, head in his bathroom. He got Sam, my best friend, to sweep, but I ended up vacuuming.

    So, after getting Allen, Sam's dad, to plug it into the kid-safe outlet, he left the bathroom as I began to vacuum. I closed the door for a moment so I could get behind it, but when I reopened it, Allen is standing at the foot of his bed, taking his current shirt off and replacing it, while staring at me.

    I felt a bit weird wearing a pair of black leggings, pink sports bra, and loose, black, see-through long-sleeve that was currently hanging because I was crouched over.

    I know he won't do nothing, he's too cool. But that momentarily caught me off guard.


    The weirdest thing that has happened in this last year has got to be the fact that I made out with my best friend Sam, and her cousin, Kitty. Both are girls if you haven't noticed

    Kitty and I are straight, Sam is going through some Bi stage.

    But anyway, we all knew there were no romantic feelings behind it. It was just practice for the real thing and a funny story to tell our boyfriends.

    I ended up making out with the both of them, starting from nervous pecks to grinding. But they didn't make out for fear of incest.

    Eventually, I had to leave. A week later I returned and I said I didn't want to continue because it was weird and disturbing(Hey! Even I've got limits when it comes to creepy shit.). They both laughed because they were going to say the same thing.

    Now, all we do is the rare kisses and licks on the necks, but only when we're bored.

  • @anonymissvictor ya sure you're 12? 🤔

  • @anonymissvictor ............... named myself a banana and i proudlly declare my spirit animal as a cow you see just put a corn on them poof fat and weird but unique unicorns

  • Gamers

    @zazzles lol, i know what you mean :D

  • @anonymissvictor my sneez
    es are the proof

  • wait im talking to yash1234

  • Freedom Writers

    @yup-im-female Yup, your definitely unique! I never thought of cows that way, tho. Always used cats instead. They dont move to much so it's easy to strap on the wand.

  • @anonymissvictor caaattttttttttts are demmonjs ahhhhhhhhhhhhahdhfgagykudiotgehgigkh

  • Freedom Writers

    @yup-im-female true. Cats are demons in adorable fuzzy disguises. The scar on my shoulder blade is proof. 😑😒

  • Freedom Writers

    @zazzles Ya. Lol, I think I'd know my own age. Why?

  • Freedom Writers

    @yup-im-female I feel bad for people whon are allergic to cats. I'm sorry. pats back

  • @I-Queen where are u now @queen?

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