• @RAGNAR @TalkWithStranger

    Guys, this site is dying. You need to get your message out there and show your site to the world. I don't know, do a YouTube video or something. The point is, I've been on this site for about half a year, but didn't create my account until three months ago. This site used to be so much better. And what's with the porn ads? I wanna talk to my friends on this site, not play Cunt Wars. Now, the public chat is either dead, or it has people trying to claim nude photos from someone else. The global chat isn't fun anymore, and what's the point of a random chat if it's either a bot or someone wanting nude photos?! It's gone too far. I know you administrators have been working hard to make this site enjoyable, but with the porn ads, horny people raiding our public chat, and again, THE MOMS GET NAUGHTY ADS, nothing seems to exploit the terrible things this site contains. I mean, look at the category I'm posting this in. The Internet is Beautiful. I don't think a site like this deserves to have an option to choose a category with that title. Not anymore. Not like it used to. I doubt either of the administrators will see this, but hell... You only live once. Do what you think is right.

  • @da-pic we will consider it brother.