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    Some guy at a job interview got the following question. And you might know that questions at job interviews can be a bit...odd.

    The question was; It's a rainy and stormy day and your driving in your 4 week old car. Your proud that you could afford a car like that. Who would have thought...

    When you drive nearby a busstop you noticed 3 people trying to hide from the rain and wind. The first one is the woman of you dreams! The way she looks is simply stunning. If you only had the chance to talk to her.
    The second person is that dude who gave you money so you could get home save a few years ago. You never saw him before and he just gave you money. He saved your day, that day.
    The third one is an elderly lady. And by the way she looked you can say that she was ill. Grey skin, looked a bit sad and tired. It's not good for that lady to stay outside in the rain.

    You in your brand new car only have two passenger seats but you really, really do not want to leave one af them to stay in the rain.
    Look at that girl. You can't leave her behind, she might be the woman of your future children. And that old lady, come one. Really leave her behind?
    That stranger, you never met before who just gave you money to get home. This is the opportunity to thank him.,,
    Only two seats, what do you do?

    The guy sits back, thinks a second and says;
    I give the car keys to the guy who gave me the money that one day. Tell him to bring the old lady to where ever she needs to go and give him my phone number so I can later get my car back.
    And I wait for the bus at the busstop with the woman of my dreams who I later marry with, have beautiful children and a happy life.

    Don't be afraid. Think outside the box.

    I found this story somewhere else. Forgot when and where but never forgot the story.

  • @meagain cool story man.

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