• hey its rebel or like other ppl would call me good, anyways im LEAVING TWS for good dont be sad be happy plz, if you give me one good reason why i should stay the wth i will stay :)

  • Movie Buff

    @rebel_cute or goodgirll whatever you want us call you any name.
    do you remember that night around 1pm. I was so mad for straight 2 hours I think
    and you also went angry at me. I hurt your feelings by me being so rude and saying
    obsurd words? then I'm settle down for abit and turns out I've been trolling whole time
    just pretend to be mad and complete asshole. does that ring a bell for you? I aslo
    remember you've said " this is best night ever happened to me" I swear to god. not lying.

    IM BORED if you don't remember me. do you remember I create different username
    to trick people on pub chat I'm not IM BORED?
    i think to remember this conservation on pub chat goes......
    I said " do you like Bored guy?'
    you said" yeah I like him as a friend"
    I said " what do you think about him"
    you said" I think he's like my brother"
    then i tricked you. LOL its funny to think back at it.

    we could be partners like trying to be angry for 3 hours straight. that could be fun.
    certainly, it would be great to know why you leaving TWS?
    it sucks to see my good friends leaving this great opportunity to socialize online people.
    i know, there's catfish, trolls, assholic people in here but just ignore them.

    sorry for making this long post and hopefully I gave you good reasons why you should
    stay. ITS UP TO YOU LEAVE OR STAY. if leaving, i want to say sadly farewell and don't do drugs
    go to school. mostly stay out of trouble.

  • @brown-nigger-man im like touched omg bored you....i think you changed my mind of leaving

  • @rebel_cute First tell me, why do you wanna leave?

  • My reason: I don’t want you to leave!!!! I miss you burning forests and having to always or rocking back and forth in a dark corner with you or dying.


  • because this is the place we met baby, if you left, it would feel horribly empty every time i came on, those firsts few weeks were amazing, we talked for hours, and the first night we met you had me up until 4 in the morning, so please, dont leave

  • @wtfjudith ...that almost brought a tear to my eye . :cry: :cry:
    ..right through the kokoro.

    alt text


    If you make Judy cry ,

    I'll beat yo punk ass black & blue.

    Duct tape you to a computer & imprison you in my basement.

    Food & water will be conditional upon posting a minimum no. of posts & comments every 3 hour.

    Failure to meet your quota will ensure you receive painful electrical shocks through the iron nipple clamps that will be attached to your mammary glands.

    Further disobedience ..may or may-not be met with the response of shoving extra large broomsticks up your rear orifice cavity .

    I sincerely hope you do-not escalate to the point where we have to test out this hypothetical scenario.
    It really is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me.

    Reptile. :relaxed:

  • @stranger_danger you do anything to my little demon and I rip out your small intestine and hang you by it, got that?

  • @neonblazer Not if I shove my fist up your anus & make chicken curry with your rectal flesh & force feed it to you through your nasal orifice.

    Capiche ? :relaxed:

  • @stranger_danger if you manage to do that before I rip out your spine and impale you on it after gouging out your eyes and shoving them down your throat then you are lucky as hell

  • @neonblazer I would be highly interested to find out how you will accomplish such feats when I'll have you suspended by your feet t & sit you on a chair so that your legs are straight in front of you.

    Also going to bring a goat, which was deprived of water for several days.
    Then cover the bottoms of your feet in salt water, which the goat would lick off.

    Goats have very rough tongues , and will keep licking the salty water covered feet for days at a time.

    The result is that the goat will lick until even bone is exposed.

    Going to pour more saltwater on the feet after that .

  • @stranger_danger you have to catch me first, and last time I checked, you arent in crosscountry, freerunning,parkour and a military academy that trains forever

  • @neonblazer I make the military my bitch ,you aint safe Mistah ...but it'll be fun to make your world crumble.
    So ,wallow in your safety ,relax ,eat ,sleep ...it'll be all the more sweeter to break your little bubble.

    I'll duct-tape you to a chair that was bolted to the floor, use a couple rolls, make sure you couldn't budge a fuckin' inch.

    Also cut around your face, grip your scalp, yank down, rip your face off.

    Hmm. And then put a mirror in front of you so you could get a good look at yourself.

    And then cut your dick and your balls off shove 'em down your throat until you bled and choked out, while you were watching.

  • @stranger_danger Ive been in worse pain
    try losing one of your fingers along with being stabbed in the street and being kicked and stomped on in your eye

  • @neonblazer :relaxed: :relaxed:

    You''ll be in worse pain when I get a very thin hollow glass tube and insert it into your urethra.
    Then hit the penis with a hammer, smashing said glass tube inside of the penis.

    P.S: the tube will be full of fire ants when I insert it.

  • @neonblazer Sorry to hear that tho ..that's gotta suck.

    you okay now ?

  • @stranger_danger meh, losing a finger isnt that bad, the stabbing wasnt that bad either, the only got muscle, it hurt like shit but I got up and powered through, my eyes, didnt fully heal, but I can see and they dont have any visual damage on the outside

  • @stranger_danger too late tho, I’m already crying reptileboy. Not because of her but you.
    “Judy is mean”?
    They say that the worst kind of pain can be caused by the ones closest to you, now I know what they mean 😢

  • @wtfjudith You rejected my love ..so Excuse me if I'm bitter :white_frowning_face: :white_frowning_face:

    You know how much I cried after seeing that ?? ..you really dont wanna know .
    De-Nile is no longer a river in Egypt.
    It flows in my room.
    :sob: :sob: :cry:

    I had to eat a whole tub of ice cream to heal my broken heart !!

  • @rebel_cute ill miss your cute personality and positivity
    Im not crying, youre crying