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  • @humanbean89 said in What is your imagination about god?:

    there was talk that a Christian scientist proved that there was something or someone before the big bang.

    That's a lie, someone lied to you

    It's true the elements were there waiting to be blown up, but somebody had to light the match to get it started....

    Why someone and not a something? That's a big unjustified jump

    and at the church I go to we prayed over a man who was really sick. He was dying. In literally a month after praying all month, the doctors were stunned that he was healing and getting better.

    Oh really?

    You do realise there has never been a documented case of miracle? Prayer doesn't work either, it exists in all religions just like this healing BS exists in all religions and it is all bullshit, let's say that it wasn't, if your religion is the right one then why do all other religions also report "faith healing"?

    Your English seems good enough to understand this song:

    I REALLY recommend it

    I'm not kidding. I never believed any of this miracle stuff, but seeing it happen was amazing.

    Oh fuck my life

    I don't call that a coincidence

    Oh it is, it fucking is, prayer has been PROVEN to not work or to even make things worse because of performance anxiety

  • İ think that whom we call god has no body like us, it is rather a vast amount of energy (positive for god and negative for evil) revolving all arund us always watching over us,
    Does anyone agree?

  • @coolbud i agree but not completely

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    In the beginning there was nothing. And that exploded.

  • @meagain EXCELLENT!

  • @meagain,,someone detonated explosion--its clear that every event has reason--

  • @vahid-0 Clear in your mind. You people...if it can't be explained then it must be some mythical being that did it.

    So if I went back a hundred years and showed the Wright brothers a pic of the lunar module on the moon, the would say it was a miracle from this mythical being or would call me a blasphemer.

  • @vahid-0 In the beginning there was nothing. No someone, no detonator, no event and no reason. My biggest question is, how can a space filled with nothingness explode.
    Wait...if there was nothing there cannot be a space.

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    I think Earth was always where it is now. And there might have been ice ages and polar shifts and meteorites and all that. But never a God.

    First we had a whole bunch of Gods. Big gods for big things and mini gods for mini things. That was hard to control, Gods got mixed up and people start making there own Gods and people start to act as Gods...it got messy.

    So the world leaders back then, not to be confused with Gods, made up this kick ass plan.
    They created 1 God and 1 God only who is all into love and thy may not hurt one another but at the same time they made sure we were all scared as fuck for this 1 God.

    To know the complete story about this scary motherfucker you should read the old testament. Let me tell you, that is one book filled with the most scary stupid ass motherfucking people hating bullshit you will ever read!
    It's scary!

    And that's how you control the masses...make them believe in a scary dude they cannot see. or hear. Or feel. But he is their!
    Make rules how to live and give them "The Holy Book"

    That's just my point of view...

  • @vahid-0 No need to capitalize "god". If you do, it gives credence where none is due.

    The unknown is a god only temporarily, until we find out the answer to questions we seek. "Why is the sky blue?" Because the sky god liked the colour. Now of course, we know the correct answer.

  • @vahid-0 i consider him a care taker. Sort of an angel on my shoulder. When all else fails, i ask him for help.

  • @canadadry Your right. But There is no reason to insult people who do believe in god. Or God. They better not read it at all.:diamonds:

  • @meagain But I get insulted on a daily basis with "G"odly shtuff. I do not mean to insult and most Christians do not either. They are just unaware of how condescending they are.

    ALL religions are thus:
    They are right and I am wrong.

  • @mr-pool would love to talk more if anyone up for it..

  • @canadadry I totally agree! They do. But is that a reason to behave as they do?
    That makes you at that same level...

  • @mr-pool Im here for 30 mins max.

  • @meagain so, wherw do we start? Do you agree with my point of view? Would you like to add something?

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    @mr-pool With your point of view we start by saying that God, or god exists.
    Thats the wrong way of thinking if i might say so.

    If we start by saying that there was never a god, all wars and sickness and disasters could be explained more easily. Just to name something...