• Like honestly. What would you consider as your brand?
    Would it be something that is easily grasped by others?
    Would it be easy to manifest?

    I believe my brand is that of a bit chaotic but caring, and enamored by creativity!
    And as time rolls on I can sense that I really am developing the sense of chill I really need ~

  • just like Kobe for me:

    detailed, goal oriented, making an impact to those outside your circle, always educating yourself, and always questioning and never settling

  • @mikeJB A powerful aura like that is one that carries so far, it's remarkable!

  • @assassinodesu kobe's death taught me that the main reason we are here on earth is to make those around us better. when we do that, we are fullfilling the purpose of life. greatest thing you can give another is to unlock his potential and show him how to harness it

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