Face Lazer treatments??..

  • I did that earlier too when i was 16yo(only lazers, not a biopsy test, bcoz that time there was no need)
    Now after 5years, i m again going for it, but this time, i have to pass through test when i was 16yo that was not necessary..
    The test is called Biopsy Test

    In this, doctor cut very small part of a Mark(from dark spots,pimples or from any mark) from a face for just testing purpose, like we do for blood testing...

    Hope i will pass this test, to do lazer treatment, to get eligible for lazers on my face again 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

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    are u in a plastic surgery :DD

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    @jimmy1708 with a knife!!!!? or laser?

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    so what?

  • @trose18 lol no...its just a small test, i m just going for lazer treatment, its not a surgery or a operation lol...
    Its natural , just removes darkheads and darkspots or pimples from a face and make u what u should look like naturally without those marks, pimples and all....

  • @trose18 lol, i said a small part(from a pimple or darkspot from a skin) very small part, for just testing purpose....like we do for blood testing
    Thats a picture of a test only, BIOPSY TEST...

    If i pass this, then i can go for lazers...

  • That was a BIOPSY Test with a knife

    This is the fucking lazer treatment which i did when i was 16yo, when i was 16yo, there was no need for that BIOPSY TEST before lazers(knife one)
    But now its a need

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