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    So this time it's not a prank , a joke or any immature decision . I am leaving for real guys . Now many of you will think that i say this always but i come back always so I would like to clarify that I am changing my password to a random password that I can't remember , like @Lucifer did . And yeah I understand that running a site with 100000 people is a difficult task but not supporting the mods is not a solution to that . @cutie-catt and @white-pegasus are my accounts so you can text on them (only if you want to) , i will keep checking them once in a while coz i m not gonna open this account like maybe ever .
    I know that users like @SUmof1 , @iamaman etc. will be really happy to know this but I have made some really good friends here who really care about me and my whereabouts . I posted a topic yesterday , saying that the old cutie cat is back but trust me she can never come back coz she was stupid , I m not . I may be targetted on and on as immature but I have surely acted mature according to my age . And I would like to tell u that I have just hit puberty and if u have even studied a bit of Biology then u should know that in this age v have a thing called mood swings . My contribution to this site was never truly appreciated . And @talkwithstranger , I would love to say that this site deserves a better attitude of the admin towards the users and the mods , I maybe acting immature right now according to you but I have no so called fear of getting unmodded now coz I m not a mod . I got my account banned yesterday but I got it unbanned coz I wanted to confront my friends , I mean real friends . Everyone is free to write anything in the comment section because this site gives the RIGHT TO SPEECH .
    Guys , do you remember the time when someone made a fake account of the admin and said that this site is gonna shut down , that time me and @Lucifer wasted all our time to find the culprit by checking hundreds of IPs and we found the culprit and banned him but we did not receive any appreciation , instead the fake admin account was unbanned . V were always asked to post many and many good topics to outnumber the bad topics and bad users but you know what , they have already outnumbered us a long time ago . I don't think that anyone is gonna take this post seriously coz people r gonna put that IMMATURE tag once again , but at least look at @Lucifer , the best mod on tws and even the best user on tws or i should say ex-best user coz he left last night .
    Admin unmodded @sup and accused him of harassment , and @sup had to apologize . Btw , @sup was unmodded bcoz he stood up for himself and his country , he can never harass anyone .
    I am being addressed as a whyndian cunt and all , right @spoofer , but you know you are none better than that .
    You are free to ignore this post , troll me , write shit in the comments and all but now , IDGAF and I never will coz I m no more addicted to this site .
    I am not gonna edit this post , if u see that edit mark then remember that either admin or some mod would have removed something or edited something from this post .
    Good bye .

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  • @cutie-cat NOOOO 😞 i even dont know you yet or even chat with you at least.
    Why? What is going on with all of mods and admins in here?

  • @spoofer You don't have any idea about my personality or who I really am , the person you know is @cutie-cat the fucking moderator who used to get into issues with idiots unwantedly but ended up fighting with them on full rage , the person who is talking to you right now is Priyanka , the real me .. may or may not be but more realistic than cutie cat .

  • @spoofer Yeah a lot less afraid ... Just one question , why should i hesitate to insult the person who insulted me and my nation ? Just saying , no offense . And yeah the real me is a lot different from cutie cat ... I wish people got to know me ... Not cutie cat so that I wouldn't have had so many haters presently .

  • @spoofer Well it's me on all the 3 accounts , and as I said in that post that I have closed that account , it was my personal duty according to me ... To reply on ur comment . I did that . Do u have any problem with that ?

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    @sumof1 said in GOOD MORNING AND GOOD BYE:

    Good riddance, cuntie cat. Don't come back.

    I answered your question here,
    Now stop being a cunt.

  • @cutie-cat Goodbye cat and all the best for your future btw you were a very good mod .

  • @white-pegasus Did I tag you then? I talked to the one who made the topic.

  • @white-pegasus Nevermind, thought you were going to be realistic at least now. Farewell if you're going to leave.

  • Finally you made a post that's according to my standards, where you gave up on that ego and "praise-yourself" attitude. Other than that, none of us wanted you to leave, we are too careless to hate or keep rancor on someone. We don't take anything personally, it's you who did that. Do you want to contribute to the website? Get rid of the thirsty and perverted users, make good topics(Kanuna had some amazing topics, hats off). If the community was all gold, there wouldn't be "trolls", we mostly try to end what you don't: drama, useless topics, perverts. And finally you're yourself, not the moderator cutie-cat. Also @sup didn't lose his role, and the harass part? I have to disagree. If your last topic is made to spread toxicity, I kind of have an inkling about your personality.

  • @white-pegasus I don't have any idea about your personality, but it's pretty obvious that I don't want to know if all you do is keep insulting even when you're leaving. Is it the real you? Not so different from cutie-cat, just less afraid to state your point.

  • GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders

    Good riddance, cuntie cat. Don't come back.

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