• I know we have been thru a lot. I know I am very confusing. I know I'm really hard to get along with. I know sometimes I make life a living hell. And I guess all I can say is I'm sorry. I wish I was easy to deal with I wish I made life easy. But all I can do is create storm. And I'm sorry. But I'm trying my best to change. Because life without is, its literally hell. Its nothing, its pointless. And please just don't ever let me go. Or stop loving me or anything. Because loosing you would literally be like loosing my life. Because Abby you are my life. You are the only thing I've ever wanted. So just please hold me and never let go cause I'm a little unsteady. And Abby I know you may not fully trust me again and I get that. But please trust me when I say this. I will never ever EVER let you fall. I will hold you until I fall myself and still then I'd be holding you up as high as I can. And I wish I could explain and express my feelings better and in trying on that also. And I wish I could express to you how much I love you but it'd be like impossible to. And so I'll try my best. Honesty Abby if I woke up tomorrow with only you and nothing else, life would be perfect because you are all I need. I'm glad I had to wait this long for you so I will wait even longer, as long as I have to even just to have you. You are the only thing I want in life. And I want all your stuff. You good days your bad days your ups and downs and lefts and rights. I want it all Abby. So please let me have it all. Because I want to be able to help you or hold you in every possible way. And I love you more than anything you can imagine. I'd give anything just to be with you. Abby I need you like I need my next breath to stay alive. I need you more than food or water. I need you more than life Its self. Becuase life without you like I said is hell. So please yes we may fight and we may argue and we may hate each other for a few hours but please don't ever let me go. Because I'm never letting go of you. Ever. You are my one and only, my ride or die, my life or death, my rock, my forever and always, Abby you are my everything. And I just want you to see that. I guess all this to say I guess there's only 4 words left I can say and they are. I love you beautiful.

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🖤

  • @abby-83 WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT'D I DO THIS TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • @boots22 nothing wrong😭🖤

  • @boots22 Dude i think you broke her with your love.:relaxed: :relaxed:

    Those are tears of love.
    Methinks she is overwhelmed with emotions . :blush:

  • @stranger_danger oof. Is that good or bad?

  • @abby-83 aww stop crying come mere!

  • @boots22 Relax , bro-ham. :relaxed:

    It speaks really well of your ability to express .:man_dancing:
    & her own receptiveness to your feelings.
    You're good. :+1: :+1: :grinning:

  • @stranger_danger holy shit. I was freaking out a bit. So I guess that is a good thing,

  • @Stranger_Danger is right and no it’s definitely not a bad thing @BOOTS22 it just hit me right in the heart(not a bad way of course)

  • @abby-83 oof. So I guess it worked. I finally did something right!