• Both football teams 'Liverpool' and 'Real Madrid' have reached in final. And final match will be held on 27/05. Itโ€™s time about the predication. According to you, which team will win and why ?
    which team are you supporting for? Which team is stronger?๏ฟฝ
    I'm supporting Real Madrid because Cristiano Ronaldo is my favourite football player.
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  • Liverpool will win because of:
    Mo salah:muscle: :muscle: :middle_finger:

    I'll be supporting Madrid though.

  • real madrid

    Mentally very strong and experience team with mostly depend on Ronaldo will definitely have a chance, If players like isco, bale and benzema will help ronaldo to create more opportunities they definitely go for victory.

  • Im gonna support liverpool but real madrid will win easily bc they have much experienced players in these finals obviously

  • Though Liverpool will put up a good fight, Madrid has the higher chances of winning.

    The one thing Real Madrid under Zidane has been consistent at is extraordinary performances in the Champions League.

    Its not just the playing style but everything about the team and the players moves onto a different level when they play in the UCL.

    In the cases where UCL and La Liga matches were in the same week, the same team lineup which played and lost against tier 2 teams in the La Liga played its hearts out to win the UCL match against the best Europe has to offer.

    When the last time Salah and Ronaldo came face to face in Egypt vs Portugal in the WC qualifiers this year, Portugal won with 2 quickfire goals of Ronaldo.

    And with Real Madrid CR7 has a way better team to back him up.

    Its a game of football and any team which plays better in those 90 minutes wins, so its going to be one hell of a match.