HI, Im a MUSLIM ... ask me ANYTHING.

  • @muslim
    islam was based on violence and lies and corruption and subjugation ....
    and it still is

  • Why do you accept that story of a man goes into a cave and an angel speaks to him with a message from "god" ?
    It's as ridiculous as the christianity nativity story and the crucifixion story.
    I am sure you are a lovely person, but islam is not lovely. In fact, its a sick controlling cult. Islam teaches that everyone on the planet must convert to islam, that the whole planet belongs to this imaginary god-thing they call allah. It teaches that women are worth less than men and that men own females. It brainwashes people, encourages violence, and says lying is ok.
    I propose that islam was dreamt up by clerics in the tree and moon worshipping cult back in the 600s because they needed to create a group to stand up to the christians, jews, and zoroastrians, who controlled the camel trading routes back then, and they needed a story as daft as the christian story which couldnt be proven or disproven. After this story was in principle rejected, violence was introduced and encourage which included instructions that anyone who dissented could be killed, and that females could be enslaved and bought and sold. Is it any wonder it became popular, men had full control.
    So, I am asking, why do you believe a man went into a cave and an imaginary thing called an angel spoke to him with a message from an imaginary god-thing. ?

  • @xxawakening22
    ever heard of punctuation ..... 😀

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