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    My pale pink teddy bear named Fluffy. He's real old and been through a lot with me.

    I've had him since I was around one, so he's about thirteen years old, give or take and not including the time before I got him. He has a little band-aid on his bottom and every time that band-aid falls off, I replace it with another one.

    When I was five, I tried to make him look like a cat by taking a purple marker and drawing whiskers. The marker still hasn't faded away.

    He's not as fluffy and full as he once was because I crush him under me when I go to sleep, he sometimes ends up like a neck rest.

    Yep, my favorite item is a teddy bear.

  • @evan-elderson Mine is a picture with a picture frame I decorated, it's of me, my mom and older sister. I was still a newborn in the picture and my mom looked very young and full of life unlike now and my older sister was about 7 at that time. It was the only picture my mom let me take when we were taken from her at a young age.

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    • my favorite item is my phone because i think my phone has a good quality camera so i feel happy every time i take a picture with my phone and turn good
    • concert ticket i still and i hope will keep that ticket forever i hope the ticket not gone missing or whatever because that was my first concert that i watch
    • my makeup products and tools because i can lil bit hide my ugly face with that hahhaaaa

    what else? :thinking_face: hmm i will edit the post if i remember something else that my favorite item 😀

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  • @evan-elderson I have many things that I find valuable. I’ll start off from the top and work my way down. Well when I was younger my dad wasn’t really home often due to job choices. Well before he would leave I would ask him to bring me a snow globe. I wanted a snow globe because I would have a piece of where he’s been so that I have kinda like a piece of his adventure. Well since I didn’t ask much when I was a kid every time he would come home he would give me a snow globe. So every time he came home with one I would play with it even when he left so that I have something of his that’s now mine while he was gone. Something I can hold on to. (Also something that helped me sing/sleep at night I’ll explain in a minute)

    Well next up it’s more like a gift rather than an item. Every night that my dad actually was home I wouldn’t go to sleep until he would pull out his guitar and sing a song with me. He always did and it was always random songs. I would always sing the last song we sang together every night he was gone until he came back. And the snow globes would chime their tune as I sang the song from the nights before.

    The next thing I have are tickets. Tickets from an LSU game me and my dad want to. Now me and my dad have always loved football and LSU was kinda our thing. One year he asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wanted to go to lsu. He saved money and made the arrangements for the next football season. He got us tickets and I was so happy that I got to spend the day with my dad! It was definitely one of the highlights of my life! 0_1526161676650_B9744691-BD34-4122-9AEA-FE7CD328436B.jpeg
    Next is my state championship ring. The year of 2017 my band won the state championship of 2A bands. I was so proud and my mom was there with me every step of the way! She pushed me to be the best me that I can be and she was my good luck token! She came to all of my competitions just about and before I would preform I would find her in those crowds of what seemed like millions. As soon as I seen her I got calm and did the best I could! 0_1526161464592_3FB879D5-A151-43BD-8B2A-7857633C449A.jpeg
    She was there with me every step of the way! And sorry to write so much I just got a little excited when I seen the topic heh.

  • @abby-83 That was emotional ..
    I like your remembrance of your mom & dad ,sounds like you really appreciate them.

    I'm sure they are proud of their big gal too.. :relaxed: :relaxed:

  • @stranger_danger thank you!

  • Honestly I'd have to say it people who have made my life special. I'd have to say first off @RAGNAR he has shown me what a real brother is like. Helped me with a lot of shit, and just been therr just to talk. @RAGNAR you are awesome bro! I love you man! And then there's @football_m29 he has been there for me helped me with things and just talked with me. And hes talked with me about football since I have no one else that I can do that with. I love you bro and miss talking to ya. And then there's @S_Dawn she's just a great friend and fun to talk to and hang out with. I love you bestie! And them there's @Kat_15. Her and I have been thru a lot. And she's definetly been there to help me stay in my lane and keep me straight. I love you sister! And then last but certainly nit least there's @Abby-83. She has been the one person who has been my rock. And she has shown me what true love is. And how a real true relationship works. I love you with all my heart always! I tend not to get to attached to items because I know they wont last. I get more attached to people because we all leave a legacy and someone will remember that so in a way people live forever. But the one item I am really attached to is a gold cross necklace that my great grandmother gave to me that my great grandfather made for her. That's the very special item in my life.

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  • Here is a picture of the gold cross necklace.

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  • @evan-elderson it is made from nails. My whole family is very religious and stuff so. In fact you saying you are military reminds me that almost all my family has served and my grandpa was in Vietnam.

  • i cant pick one its either my chain or my car

    one of my best friends gave me this chain when i was like ten it keeps me from being full of myself its a gold versace chain he gave it to me because he was allergic to gold wellactually he was allergic to the nickel clasp but he didnt want to alter it, the reason i like it is because i could flex with it but i dont he told me to let people notice it on their own dont flex dont even acknowledge it he said to him its just like the one you get out of the vending machine at walmart, but the bottom line was its a medusa head and the point of her story was to avoid vanity,

    i only had my current car for like a monthits my second car, but i have so many memories with it already like learning how to drive stick which i havent mastered yet, my first car was stick but it was stolen i couldnt even look at it withought stalling XD.

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  • @evan-elderson wow that's crazy man. My great grandfather was in world war 2 and and he stormed Normandy (I think thats gow its spelled I suck at spelling so) and I met a guy who also was in world war 2 and the only way he survived it was by laying underneath the bodies of his dead friends (idrk what y'all call them like battle buddies or what I'm sorry I dont know much about the military) he was the only one who lived.

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