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    Lets just focus on the part of terrorists for a moment. And simply the answer would be "straight people are cruel and cold hearted".
    What I am saying is its hard to imagine a gay person working under ISIS, looting towns, raping women and killing people.
    Simply saying, gays are soft hearted people than straight people

    And lets just please talk about generalizations and not at a specific space. Lets be relative and comparative as much as we can.
    So what are your opinions?
    (And please only rational arguments, no people abusing each other with personal comments and slurs.)

  • @rendezvous being straight doesnt mean being cruel or harsh to everybkdy that u just "rape woman" and duin bad stuff, lemme tell you something....
    A terrorist might be "both" gay or straight, or even bi, but his mind is what drives him and his heart. Not his sexual status.
    We have list of gay terrorists thou i know none and straight terrorist too. We have straight peoples with good heart dude cmon!! Being cruel is matter of choice

  • @ragnar Hey You are right. But its not I am saying. Ofc, being straight doesn't mean being harsh and ofc the heart and motives drive the terrorist, rather than his sexual status. And ofc, we have straight people with golden hearts.

    But what I am saying is a bit different.
    Let me explain you this way: Lets say, hypothetically we come up with a universal scale to measure the goodness of a person. And lets say, all the persons are tested and lets say, out of those 1000 people satisfy our definition of "cruel person". And now what I am saying here is, out of those 1000 people most people would be straight( thats what debate is about). And by most I simply mean straight> gays in that pool of people.
    And again, I am not saying that their sexual preference drives towards their cruel nature. The reasons might be whatever and no matter how much diverse. But still the straight people would be more in that pool of people.

  • While it is hard to generalize the cruelty based on ones sexuality. the one thing we have learnt from history is that it is the members of LGBTQ+ community who have been harassed the most.

    Its not about just hard to imagine it is impossible that a homosexual would condone let alone participate in the atrocities carried out by a hideous organization as Daesh, for they have been one of the biggest oppressors of the LGBTQ+ community.

    A terrorist can never be gay because someone who has known oppression all his life would never support a regime fueled by hatred.

    While it would be difficult to say that all homosexuals are gentle and kind hearted one of good friends @Kanuna is one of the kindest people I have ever met.

    A straight man driven by hatred or ignorance will harm a homosexual but I have never seen/heard/read about a homosexual viciously attacking homes of straight men for their sexual choices.

    To conclude straight men may not be crueler but members of LGBTQ+ community are definitely more understanding and tolerant.

  • @rendezvous hmm u got a point there 🤔🤔, so it simply means out of 100% of gays 70% or more are good hearted, and out of 100% of staight, 70% or more are cruel. 🤔🤔 hmm

  • @lucifer_ i agree, these lgbt whatever are assholes

  • @ragnar said in Who are more cruel? Gays or straight?:

    @lucifer_ i agree, these lgbt whatever are assholes

    Are you sure you have read what I have written???

  • @lucifer_ wait lemme read it again lmao

  • @lucifer_ shit lgbtq+ are the one who are harassed the most, such innocents smh

  • @ragnar Again I am not going on any percentages. I am not saying 70% or something but sure, I am saying Percentage of cruel straight people > Percentage of cruel of gay people.

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  • Straights are considered to be more cruel than gays, this is due to their judgement of homos. People that are homophobes are probably the reason why gays view all straights as evil people, though not all are the same. But I just find their words and actions against others to be such an immoral and illogical thing to do. I really don’t want to add religion to it, but it’s especially related to it.

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  • @rendezvous I think it is nearly impossible for me not to bring in religion when having this discussion. And Ive seen what religious arguments can end up as. 0.0
    But if we go back to medieval times when we start seeing more religions and religious topics. (Im just going off what i remember from my history textbook, dont quote me on this shiz), it was the cultural norm. A man marries a woman, that is all. And yes, if you were a homosexual, there wasnt much freedom for you to really even proclaim it, let alone truly be it.
    But then yes, times changed. And people just stuck to that cultural norm of man and woman.
    However as we get to the more modern times, as people “come out” , the cultural norm changes. And people dont typically react well to change (i know I dont).
    Their basic ideology is that it is man and woman. But now that the idea is dissipating, they will clutch to what they can. Because instead of accepting the change, naturally for some reason hardheads think that change will lead to something bad.
    In this case, religion comes into the picture. It does say in the bible that a man cannot sleep with another man. And thats where it becomes apart of the argument.
    In one of the classes I took at school, we broke down the bible to one thing. Love thy neighbor.
    Back to generalizing the human population, people will only pay attention to the facts that support their reasoning, make their mindset stronger. Love thy neighbor in this case, just gets thrown under the bus.
    So i think that what i am trying to say (i came up with some bomb ass wording for this post while i was in the shower, but I forgot it all smh) is that straight people are generally crueler than homosexuals.
    Not because straight people are evil. Just naturally/generally, people dont react well to change, even if the change doesnt affect them. I also think that homosexuals being persecuted for so long gives them a level of understanding I can never have as a straight person. Because they know what its like to be disliked/hated upon, abused/beaten, and just straight up disowned sometimes. And its typically the...damn whats the word...imma say victim even though its not the word im looking for. Its typically the victim that has the most understanding on things. And its because of this understanding that gives people the upperhand on love.

    Tada....i did it lol. I dunno if this is what i wanted to say...if I executed it right. Etc etc. if it sucks pwease just lemme die 😂

  • So many thoughts and I agree with most of them.

  • @lucifer_ I am not that kind.

  • @kanuna said in Who are more cruel? Gays or straight?:

    @lucifer_ I am not that kind.

    You are more than good enough to most of us.
    Plus you are not a member of black cat appreciation society out of the wickedness of your heart, are you?

  • All political and religious shit aside, because of the lower percentage of LGBTQ compared to straight population, it is easier to say that we the faggots are kinder but in reality, are we? We are all the same deep down instinctually, and we will all hate or love something. I've met some really nasty gay men who are more vicious than any straight person I've met. It would be saying more black people are killed by cops than whites, but the percentage of black people in the US is much lower than that of whites and statistically, whites are killed more by cops. You can never gauge the kindest of others by their sexuality.

  • @lucifer_ I love nigger cats. Don't blow my trollish cover. I built my rep as an asshole here.