• I mean why do you people dislike weeboos. its just frustrating to know that others like me who LOVE (what is love?) anime get bullied story time me and my online bf were talking about cultures, he brings up japanese cultue... i say its a very creative place (this is where i got triggered) he says BULLSHIT ..... ..... ..... silence in the chat .... .... .... i say ok and he says weebo cunt THE END (rage quit)

  • damn i mean i dont mind anime just cause its animated doesnt mean it cant be for adults invite them to watch some of the anime you watch id love to go to japan too one day looks like a beautiful place

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  • probably cause they think animation is for children and are too ignorant

  • I love seeing them that way. It reminds me that life is not just about sitting in dark chat rooms assigning labels like 'Weeboos' to others who obviously know how to have fun. The term 'Weeboos' expresses a rather negative attitude towards what can only be the kind of confidence these outgoing anime fans have. What a party it is seeing a convention in your own living room!

  • @lapis-15 I'm sorry that happened to you. I think I may have the answer. Many people strongly dislike when others like or do different things than them. For example, if I like to draw, and my friend likes to play video games, would call drawing "stupid" only because he/she cannot handle the differences in us. I recommend you look for people who won't throw a fit just because someone likes something different than them. The causes can be immaturity, confusion, or even an unrelated reason such as a tough situation in their life. Although people have their reasons, they should not act this way. I've lost friends because they simply don't agree with me, but I've also kept close friends because we both disagree, but accept that we aren't the same person, and we set our distances aside and remain friends. This proves that someone is an actual friend. Some people can't handle disagreements, and they lash out for whatever reason. I'm sorry this is so long, but I hope I answered your question to your satisfaction. I hope you have a good day. And if you're not, I certainly hope it gets better.

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