• As I talk more to people here on TWS, I come across one trait quite often which is self depreciation. I think it is perfectly natural to think less of oneself at some point in life, is it okay though? Well it definitely has negative effects psychologically, but how could you use it to improve yourself? The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one. So what is the problem actually? The problem is lack of self love and not being comfortable in your own skin and I talk about this with my friends all the time. There are things that you can change about yourself and there are things that you can't. A perfect example is weight, if you don't like the way your body looks start doing something about it, set realistic goals to keep yourself motivated. You also need to drop people who are just there to criticize you and don't have anything constructive to contribute towards your progress There are going to be people around you who are just going to state the obvious and you don't need those people. What you need are friends who are brutally honest but still there to motivate you and help you with any changes you decide to make about yourself. Self love and a positive image of yourself is going to help you be more productive and help you being comfortable around people as well as be more confident in your daily interactions. Stop victimizing yourself and leave self pity behind. People who are superficial are going to have a less impact on your life the more you practice to love yourself. You don't need these people in your life and learn to let them go because more often than not these are the people who are going to end up hurting you the most and bring you down. Be yourself and find someone who loves you for who you are and appreciates only the things you willingly want to change about yourself. We run in to such people more often than we anticipate because we are not looking closely and we fail to notice as we treat them as subtleties. I don't know if this post makes a difference or if it even makes any sense but I would love for you to share your thoughts on the matter :)

  • @Bark24 you and i are going to become friends man, i love a thinker! As a parent the school taught me about "constant positive reinforcement " (i thought,.oh,.you mean loving the fuck.out of your.kids and.making sure they.know it every single day? I already do that but thanks for the heads up) but for sure we need to apply that to ourselves too. I personally make a point of recognizing what's good about me, not in an egotistical way but as a counterbalance to all the other shit that would maybe otherwise take over my psyche

  • @Scottish haha I like the idea of being friends :) I am no thinker man XD just blurt out whatever comes to my mind. And that is so true what you said too that counterbalancing by thinking all the pros about yourself helps you cope with the negativity.

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    @Bark24 Hey!! Thats some awesome words there thxx...but um when my so called "realistic self" kicks into play i realize just how difficult it would be to get rid of those who criticize us? I mean yea,we could um try nd ignore 'em but woudnt they always be there?Nd anyways isnt it better to hv all kinds of ppl in ur "life-boat" ...Yea they'll try there best to pull u down but u just gotta embrace 'em nd learn to fight 'em?Nd ig thats where our true frnds come into the sc...they'll help u "against" 'em ryt?
    ...nd yeah our so called enemies often end up helpin us more ..they inspire us,nd .the negative emoticons could be just enough spl to one(maybe?lol idk) But yea we should maintain our distances with any1 who hv let u down...xDd
    P.s: I realized i just spoke some shii but ima post it anyways?lol

  • @Imduck haha don't worry all opinions are welcomed. And I believe so too, many times some negativity from others has given me the drive to improve myself. Sometimes we keep such people around us so we can feel more sorry about ourselves. And I think it's okay to let go sometimes because at times these people just bring you down so they can feel good about themselves. I think we should not give a sense of superiority over us to anyone and let them dominate us. But yea i agree with you we can use that negativity as ammunition to drive us.

  • @Bark24 you got it my man 😊

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    @Bark24 Thxx...nd Yea thats abt it .xDd

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