• My flight is cancelled! What a rough day! What should I tell to my kids who are expecting my arrival? I am sure my wife gets mad with this also. And I might stay here in Thailand for another day. I had a business venture here in the country, which deals with foreign dating events. So far, the event went will. A group of Americans had fun and would definitely love to come again. The locals also enjoyed the event which allowed them to gather and got acquainted with other race. But my concern is how to explain the flight cancellation to my family knowing that they have prepared something for me today?

  • Someone in here, i really need your advice how can i explain this to my family specially into my kids..

  • @loveissweeter
    There is no way other than to explain them really softly....
    Good luck 😐

  • @loveissweeter Unfortunate things happen sometimes. For sure they will understand it if you just explain it properly,

  • Don't worry @loveissweeter that kind of reason is acceptable. I'm sure they would understand it because that's for your own safety.

  • don’t worry Mr. @loveissweeter i know your wife and your kids well understand you. just tell them the truth and explained to them everything I’m sure they will understand.

  • @loveissweeterHi! New here and this post is what I saw first. Same as you, I'm into business. This kind of situation happens a lot to us. I'm not married yet tho but I have my mom who always nags at me when this matter comes up. But she understands actually and I know that your family will do so too. So just explain everything to them and bring some treats. ;)