• So this thought has occured to me many times, but the most recent occurrence has been rather in the face and bold-printed. I have realized that some people don't care about us. And when I say "us", I mean me and all the depressed and suicidal people out there. Maybe they "don't care" because they just want us to be happy with their lives or they're jealous or maybe they're even going through the same things as us. But whatever it is, they're more voices telling us that we're worth absolutely nothing. But we are worth something. And just to satisfy you and assure you that what I'm saying is real, I'll quote what someone said to me. (BTW, it is a text) "Y would u want 2 kill urself u hav so much 2 live 4. so giv up ur frigging act. its nothing and dont take that personal im just sayin😶 " And I'm just thinking "Frick them. double frick them" because seriously? They don't care. Don't listen to 'em. When they're telling you you're wrong and that you're double minded, don't listen. You're worth more than the world.

  • True enough ...

    when I suffered from depression for about 6 years ,everyone was like "pay no attention to it ..that will make everything better ,you can do it !! , ..dont act like this .."

    bish'es its a biological problem , like a fever , a migraine ..you dont wish them away ...
    Theres a reason World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled Depression as a disease.
    It's provable , physically affecting ...people die from the effect it causes in their lives ..

    theres procedures for them ...medicine , hormonal therapies ..although its not really super effective & placebo's work more

    ...people from outside dont really understand what its like ..I too didnt ,until it happned to me..

    There are very real physical effects which will make your life hell..

    I spent 5-6 hours trying to memorize a single page,while before I could remember the whole book reading it once or twice
    ..before if i read the subject for the exams just the night before ,even if it was for the first time ..I could still get A's
    ..but after, i would be lucky if I could even pass ..

    There was a sense of loss of taste ,i started eating spicier food just so i could enjoy food ;
    didnot really see any need of taking care of myself ,since they & myself saw me as a loser ;
    lost all confidence - got others to double check results which i used to be best at ..

    In this long time ,i've seen people change...they leave because its not worthwhile for them to associate with you anymore ,relatives happy that you are no longer so good as before ,a change of style in talking to you change since they now perceive you as below them.

    In my experience ,pretty much noone or really few will actually care , none of them will really understand you ...they may get really frustrated .

    You will have really bad thoughts , make bad decisions ...but those will seem okay to you ,that perhaps its really your fault that this happened to you ... that perhaps you deserve this suffering..

    In the end , only People like us will understand the pain,the torment ...
    I dont expect the same from others ,expectation only creates disappointment ..
    I have found hapinnes in my own passion projects & ventures ... i dont really care for the people i used to know ..
    From the ashes of my past ,I've made my own future

    I hope you too find your happiness .

    You know ..sometimes I wished i could hug someone who understood what i was going through..

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  • @sumof1 I'd like to lay you off rn, but I'm not sure exactly which move would be best...so lemme just tell you something, buddy. I'm glad you said that to me bc if you said it to one of my frens, I think I'd kill you and to be honest I'd rather not because that would get on my record, you crap nugget

  • Music Lovers

    @noonenightsky How stupid this post is. You actually thought that you could change people's mind or get sympathy from the trolls for suicidal people? You are actually gonna get even more hate by this. It'd be better if you dont make any posts about it and rather talk to your family and friends about it and sort the issues about. No problem is worth giving your life over. And talking on the internet about it is gonna make it even worse.

  • @rendezvous Okay, so the first sentence of your post made me pretty pissed off. The second sentence made me feel a whole fricking buttload of pity for you. The third sentence made me reminiscent of when my parents tried to warn me about something I would do no matter what. The fourth sentence? I wanted to just walk away, but I can't. And the fifth sentence made me a little confused bc you really sound like a misunderstanding person but is trying to help out. And the last sentence I didn't even read because I was to busy getting over trying to get rid of the feeling of wanting to strangle you. Because you're just another voice that I talked about. And may I say, I wasn't trying to get sympathy. If there's only one fricking thing I can get across to you rn, it is I DON"T FLIPPING WANT SYMPATHY, LET ALONE YOURS!!! CAN I LAY YOU OFF PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE???? BECAUSE ARE YOU SHITTING ME RIGHT NOW. Thank you for reading.

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    If you want to kill yourself go and do it. why do you have to announce it on the internet? If you're really suicidal then stop being a pussy and go do it, Because if the thought of suicide crosses your mind even once then you're a defective human being and we don't need defectives in our society.

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