How to be the best dad?

  • Last week, we welcomed our very first baby. We named her “Agatha”. She is so beautiful and adorable. She’s been my stress reliever every time I get home from work. Meanwhile, my wife has been very remarkable with her duty in taking care for our child.

    I always see her tired and I thought it’s just normal for her as a mother. But now, I’m thinking about taking care for Agatha some time if I don’t have work, also giving my wife a time to relax. Now the main concern is how to be the best dad for our baby.

    Please tell me!

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    @daddy1986 Well sir that's something up to you too find out by yourself. Remember your past and remember those things you disliked about your parents.
    If you want my opinion on this then i would recommend you to choose the middle way between strickness and politeness.
    And one last thing. Keep her away from these modern gadgets.

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    'A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man.' -Vito Corleone

  • @daddy1986 I think it is great that you are planning to take an active role in your daughter’s life. My main recommendation is to treat your wife the way you would like your daughter to be treated. Show your child what a healthy relationship looks like and how a man should treat a woman so that when she grows up she will never settle for less than she deserves.

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    @daddy1986 is that her in your profile pic? If so she’s adorable 😄

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