• So a while back, my boyfriend of 4 years got on MY Facebook and blocked a girl. Do you think that means he was being unfaithful with her at some point and is trying to hide it?

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  • @AlienBabe hahahahahahaha my apologies for laughing but. Why the F is he on your Facebook to start off with. That by it self is wrong. What happened to privet space. At the end of the day (in my opinion) even if one is in a relationship every person is still a individual. But I would say him blocking some girl on YOUR Facebook is most definitely a concern. So is you allowing him to free range on your account that's. That's a sign of being someone with a controlling nature. Which is fine if you fine with it. Just set some boundaries. Believe me it will help you in the future.

  • @AlienBabe this is why I'm not in a relationship. It's just complicated 😜😂😂😂😂

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