I Thought I would get people's opinions on my writing

  • Thick, heavy, fog carpets this place for a seemingly infinite distance in all directions. There is no sun but only a pure white horizon clouded by my field of view. This desolate wasteland is where I call home now. I am not hungry, ever, and I do not sleep. At first this lack of natural feeling left me confused and empty as if something I had always done was gone but I learned to accept it. This is what I have come to know but why am I here? There are no corners or edges, I've checked. I can't remember when I arrived here or when I'll leave but I know I'm me and I know that there is no way I can get out. Sometimes it feels like the endless void is following me, but then I come to my senses and realize that can't be true, can it? Well even if the void isn't following me I do hear voices sometimes. I hear them coming from all around, as if there is someone beyond the abyss but if that were true, why wouldn't they help me? I wish I could remember what had happened before I came here. My memories seem faded as if there is a glossy white fog that won't lift. My feet feel as if they are constantly moving under the thick fog that has blanketed the ground into the infinite horizon. I have spent so long trying to remember how I got here or where here is but every time I am unsuccessful. Even trying now doesn't work, it's just, impossible.

    I have to fi- Wait. I could have sworn I saw something black, contrasting vividly against the white, in the corner of my eye. I turn so that I might catch the figure in the open but there is nothing or no one there. No footprints, not that I could see them anyway, no resonating odor coming from where it was. Am I losing my mind? There is something I heard once or maybe I read it:

    "When left in isolation, all people will eventually lose their mind. Their mind will wrap onto what faint memory of a familiar person they have and generate them into mental reality as an attempt to have -"

    I can't seem to recall the rest of the quote but I'm sure it has some form of relation to the situation. If my brain is hallucinating, my mind is playing tricks with me but then again I am my own mind so does that mean I'm playing games with myself? Thoughts like those are what send people crazy. I have to think about something else, something other than my impending insanity.

    This place will send me insane eventually; I'm sure I have been walking now, in whatever direction this is, for what seems like days. At least I think its days, time here feels like its conflicted, as if it's not constant. At one point whilst walking I've felt like seconds are passing but other times its like days or weeks were passing all at once but every single moment is a struggle. My body isn't straining but it's just...I don't feel like I belong in this environment, it's so empty but it's as if it's pushing me somewhere. Somewhere I most likely don't want to be and somewhere I feel I have no choice in going to. The very environment is governing my every movement or at least affecting it.

    That's simply what I feel but who kno- What the hell was that? Something greasy and long just slid over my toes; it feels like the warmth was sucked out of my body like a sponge. That cannot have been my imagination; I can't believe that what I just felt was a figment of my imagination.

    Maybe there is residue on my foot? No, there's nothing there, just my colossal foot, it can't be. This was not a hallucination of any sort but then why isn't there anything on my foot? What is wrong with me? I have to get out of here. I need to feel companionship again, something I haven't felt in too long or maybe not long at all. I continue walking in hope of finding something or someone out here in this expanse.

    Shit. I swear there is something behind me this time, not a figment of my imagination; A black figure, no bigger than a child, but then...nothing. When I turned all that was there was the endless abyss that I am all too familiar with. I can't be losing my sanity, I won't lo-...no. there is something there, behind me, and I can feel it. That feeling of all the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end as if the air is telling them something and they are all too eager to hear. I have to see but...I'm afraid. This place has given me nothing, no love, friends, food, sleep and now something or someone appears. I must turn around. I fling around my body to avoid hesitation. My eyes begin to widen as the black, childlike figure comes into focus, contrasting against the white abyss like a light in the dark but then I realize, this is no child in black.

    Its body is the purest of black as if it were a physical shadow. Its hands were almost shapeless apart from the fingers which were dripping in some kind of thick, liquid darkness and its face. It has eyes as yellow as the sun itself, embedded deep into its dark, deathly and shapeless skull.

    "Who are you?" I yell to the creature, my voice doused in angst and unadulterated fear.

    The creatures head tilts and the yellow, luminous, gaze it has falls directly in line with mine. For while nothing happens. I break the seemingly infinite silence with my cold, fearful breaths while I pray this creature is not here to take my life. Then...I see the shapeless hand transforming. Darkness slices through the absolute nothingness and forms to a point, a blade, and barbs lining either side of the edges. I then knew that this creature was not here in peace. I was in its territory and it wanted me gone.

    In this desolate place I don't smell anything, not even my own body. It's like my smell has been dulled for some reason. But right now, at this moment I could smell. I could smell my own, potent fear and I have no doubt the creature can as well.

    Where did this go so wrong? At what point did this nothingness decide to attack me. Maybe I was right. Maybe the void was pushing me to this place so that this creature could 'feast' and this feeling of knowing your life is on the line is a feeling I will never forget. This situation is a life and death situation, I can feel it.

    Then...I hear a voice, full of power, desire, resentment and pure malevolence.


    The loud voice seemed to echo through the entire void of space. My whole body was struck with fear and all the hairs on my body stood on end as I heard the voice over and over again wringing inside my head.

    I have to run; otherwise I am going to die. I start to walk backwards increasing my pace with every step but in the blink of an eye... it's gone. The creature disappears from this endless plane of existence. There is no possible place it could hide. I stand motionless, hoping and praying that this thing is gone or that I simply imagined it. I start to look around examining every inch of the constantly shifting fog in anticipation that I don't see the creature. I glance around to where I was going to run and I would be lying to myself if I said there was nothing there but there was. There the creature was standing, same gaze and same position. My heart instantly skips a beat as I try to accept the impossible, as I try to come to terms with the fact that this creature can move faster than the blink of an eye. There is not possible way to evade this creature in this empty space where I can be seen for an infinite distance unless.

    Unless I don't blink. Maybe it only moves when I'm not seeing it but his head, I saw it move and his arm. So maybe he can't move through the environment when I'm looking. I have to try to run, to survive, to try and escape this place. This is my only solution, my only chance at some kind of life. And that's what it's come to, a decision of life or death because if I stay I'm going to blink eventually and then my life ends. I start pacing towards the monster, my forehead already glossy with sweat from the pure anxiety and fear of this situation alone. My footsteps pierce the white foggy ground as if it were shallow water, disappearing and then reappearing. My eyes focus on his, as I know that I can't blink otherwise the blackest of nights will be my eternal home. My pace speeds up as my confidence and feeling of control builds up inside me.

    My breaths are like my life force and I am in control of it. I am my own person and no one, not even this creature can stop that. I quickly turn knowing that the monster will appear somewhere around me. But I just run. I run knowing that he could catch me. Then he appears in front of me, only five meters, I quickly stop and turn once again, I look back and the creature is still where I left it but his gaze is fixed on me as if he's waiting. I continue running like my life is on the line, like this might be my last day alive, which it could very well be.

    Then, out of nowhere, I see black ground ahead. Running at full pace I take very little notice until I get closer. I soon come to the realization that this is a drop off, the white fog that has always liked to hide my feet, flowing down as if it were a waterfall. I'm trapped. I look to the side frantically, looking for an end to this expanse in the void but it continues for an infinite distance. Fear begins to fill my whole body once again and the false hope I had, poured out like nothing I'd ever felt. Then I realize I'd forgotten about the creature. All of a sudden, "Gasp", all the air I had was expelled from my lungs and I felt a pain like no other. A blood trail discharges from my body. I then look down only to see the tip of the blade I had feared so much. I then looked over my neck to see those yellow eyes of pure immorality and detestation, both things I had done nothing to deserve, surrounded in black.

    "Why... Why me?" I manage to mutter under my breath before the creature rips out its blade, the spurs tearing my flesh apart and leaving my organs trailing behind my body along with a thick trail of blood. My hands hold themselves over the gaping hole in my body as blood gushes out. It dispenses from my hands into the thick, white fog below causing it to have a deep red undertone. I then feel myself lose all life from my body. I fall slowly forward over the edge like a rag doll into the pitch black abyss below, my eyes slowly close on the now dark, desolate world.

    "Quickly", I hear whilst somewhat unconscious, "get him stabilized". I open my eyes long enough to see a woman in white, pushing me down a hall on a bed. She sees me and her eyes widen just as everything goes...black.