Hooked up with my brothers old friend. 😰

  • Hi people I need help!!!
    I met a guy not long ago, maybe two weeks and we hooked up. Obviously I met him online and thought I would keep it casual with him because I thought we were strangers and had no mutual friends or whatever. One day when I was riding home with my brother, he mentioned that my hookup was his friend pointing at his house. Now I feel anxious thinking about the consequences. What if he mentions me infront of my brother and start to think of me in a bad way? It may not be a big deal and maybe I should just calm the hell down. Why is everything so confusing and why am I laughing and screaming at the same time? Why am I questioning my self?

  • Why do you think he mention you in bad way at first place?

  • @Itiel because when we hung out, we talked about a lot of things and at one point he said I was stupid. Now my notion is that he thinks of me like one of those dumb girls who only know how to hangout. We were talking about the songs that were playing and he thought I was dumb to not know many of the artist’s names 😢

  • @gabe25o to call you dumb because songs its disrespectful. I think you should ask him for explanation. Don't be afraid.

  • @gabe25o don't worry about it let it go. Nobody should be criticized for their lack of knowledge in a specific area and why would he bring up his bed life to your brother

  • Honestly it isn't even that big of a deal, and I doubt that he would even bring it up to your brother. It would also be really awkward for him as well don't worry about it, and honestly screw him move on with your life.

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