• I've had sleep paralysis ever since I was young. It used to happen a couple of times a week but then it mellowed down as I grew older. However, I had one again a couple of days ago.
    Like any other episodes, the most recent one was as scary. For your mind to be trapped inside a still sleeping body.

    I was in the middle of a bad dream when I woke up. I tried to open my mouth and scream but I can't. The panic is always there, especially when my mind was still feeling the residual emotions of a nightmare that I can barely remember. I think I can hear myself produce sounds that vaguely sound like groaning or something, and I hoped the my mom next door can here me. I forced myself to move even just a bit and reminded myself every now and then to breath. I think I also cried a bit and I remember thinking, "Oh shit, this is it. I'm not gonna wake up from this. I guess this is how I die."

    And then the heavy feeling disappeared and I REALLY woke up with a gasp. I felt tired but I continue on like nothing happened. I don't really tell people that I get sleep paralysis every now and then and I stopped telling my mom because she'd tell me that I should pray whenever that happens to me (which I think is lame and isn't really effective, sorry mom 😅)

    Anyways, do you experience sleep paralysis too? Is your experience the same or different than mine? How do you make yourself wake up?

    My mom told me I should start flexing my fingers and toes first and work my way up from there.

  • @zazzles said in Sleep Paralysis:

    she'd tell me that I should pray whenever that happens to me (which I think is lame and isn't really effective, sorry mom )

    Mums are never wrong dumbass:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

  • @sup but she'll blame my sleep paralysis on me not going to church often and not praying, and I'll be forced to attend sunday mass 😂 I was born into a strongly catholic family although I'm not very religious myself

  • Once , 2 years ago..

    I was sleeping alone in an entire floor with no lights on. No one there to call for help or to check up on me.

    I was having a nightmare ,thats nothing new .

    But this time something was different.

    I woke up suddenly while falling in the nightmare,I should have woken with a gasp & curses...yet i didnt.

    My eyes were open,my Tongue was stuck as were my lips .My throat was probably trying but there was nothing to move. No sense of arms or legs .Just of a general body .

    I tried my hardest to get up ,roll over, make noise ... the only thing i could remember is my eyes enlarged in shock or fear ,desperately looking up at the silent ,dark ceiling .I wanted to tear open my lips & cheeks but they were stuck frozen.

    I was stuck. My mind was racing,my body was heating up ,but my ears were silent & body was cold .it was strange.

    Adrenaline was rushing in ,seconds felt like minutes ...i just wished it to end...

    Thankfully after a few minutes ,i lunged up ...& turned the lights on.

    I had read about sleep paralysis before ,but this was the first time I had experienced it. So I at-least knew the theory & didnt loose my mind about what exactly had happened ,just hadnt anticipated experiencing the practical yet.

    Sleep didnt come anymore,that night.

    I too stayed silent ,my mom would have started praying too ...she would have started worrying. Thats why i didnt say anything.

    Later i remember once ,many years before as a boy ..having this kind of experience.I had almost forgotten it but the trauma of this reminded me of that half forgotten time.

    This was not an experience I was keen to repeat anytime soon.

    You have my sympathies & my understanding @Zazzles.

  • @zazzles Yeah...I used to experience sleep paralysis as a child(I'm still a child tho) and it used to horrify me to such an extent that I couldn't sleep the whole night. It faded with time. And I can relate to your story very much.

  • @stranger_danger my father actually died in his sleep so I often wondered if what I experienced was similar to what he went through before he died. But sleep paralysis has happened to me so often that sometimes when I'd experience it, I'd wake up feeling thankful that I managed to, and then shrug it off and go back to sleep again 😅 I guess I just really loved sleeping.
    Though in the past, I'd often get sleep paralysis when I accidentally fall asleep in the afternoon.

  • @zazzles If i had to choose one way to go upstairs or the basement ,it'll be by sleep.

    A painless ,disease-less way ..just fall asleep & leave .

    i have seen far too many people suffer in hospital or neighborhood before their end... nope ! not for me , I'm allergic to pain .

    I guess ,you get used to it once it happens too many times.
    Still unsettling..

  • One thing i always thought when people talk about sleep paralysis. Is that, are your eyes still closed when that happens?
    I never experienced it, and hope i never will, but the thought of waking up and "seeing" complete darkness scares me. Add the fact that you can't move your body is also terrifying. Just curious i guess

  • @nixxen244 you're eyes will be open, well I think they are. Because whenever I get sleep paralysis, I can see my surroundings. Its just that I cannot speak nor move.

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  • I read about sleep paralysis recently and that sounds quite scary.
    I've never had any sleep paralysis
    I want to expeirence it once!

  • @zazzles Yep,eyes are open ...you wake with a jolt ,the mind think that the body should have moved ,yet it doesnt .. its frozen No amount of struggle can move it.

  • @evan-elderson Precisely ,you hyperventilate ,the body heats up ..you struggle ,but you cannot move.

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  • Yep happened to me like hundered times and its the same u cant move u can just open your eyes and i feel heavy pressure and sometimes i feel like someone is touching me its so creepy but it goes away quickly and also i hear a wierd and scary sound like a car horn of some sort 😂

  • @zazzles It happens to me from time to time mostly in weekends when I can sleep more and it happens when I try to wake up. It's very overwhelming because I can't move or talk althought I never have seen any strange thing (some people does) and it always happens with my eyes closed (thank god). It last 10-15 seconds so for me it's ok because now i'm used to it xD

  • I've only experienced it once and it definitely freaked me out. Felt like I couldn't breathe and seemed to last alot longer than it really did.